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  2. You should choose only one category for your review, you'll be paid according choosen category price. Prices are given in brackets for each category, these are the prices for 1000 characters including spaces. If the category is chosen imprecisely or incorrectly, the moderator has right to change the category to more appropriate one. Counting the number of characters is displayed when you writing review (in real time), under the form of text input.
  3. The mark of goods or service is in range from "0" to "10", you need to choose the proper value. "0" means terrible goods or service, "10" is for ideal product or service.
  4. All the reviews undergo manual moderation and are published only after checking. The moderation takes to 24 hours, but as it is a beta-version delays are possible. All the reviews undergo control of copy and paste (plagiarism), so please DON'T COPY your text from any other sites. Even if you've copied a small part of text, your review won't pass the check-up and will be declined.
  5. The review should be pithy. Try to write to the point, no useless information.
  6. The text should be written personally by you based on your own experience and not copied from any other site. Even several copied sentences AREN'T allowed.
  7. It is forbidden to use any kinds of links in reviews.
  8. It is prohibited to copy YOUR own reviews, which you posted on other sites, and to use the text, published on "WikiTalks" and in other sources as well. In this case your review also won’t be accepted.
  9. The text of your review must not violate legislation of the USA and must have common sense.
  10. The text can't be changed after its publication and all the rights pass on to "Wikitalks" project.
  11. Reviews on any illegal, any erotical topics and products  for adult  as well as tobacco and alcohol products are forbidden. Besides, reviews about any kind of fraud, even on topic  how to avoid  are prohibited. Moreover, reviews on any ambiguous semi-legal topics and themes directly or indirectly connected with illegal are forbidden.
  12. The text of the review should not contain: words written in uppercase, decorations from special symbols, numerous exclamation marks and question marks.
  13. Publication of private information about any person without his/her personal consent is forbidden.
  14. All the pictures, placed in your review should be taken personally by you. It's FORBIDDEN to post pictures from the Internet.
  15. Posting pictures of children without an adult nearby, is prohibited.
  16. The text from  Microsoft Word  is forbidden to be copied in terms of incorrect counting of symbols. Please use any other text editor if you need one.
  17. According to moderator, reviews that are published only with aim of advertising will be declined.
  18. When publishing materials you confirm that you're 18 or older.
  19. The opinion of administration of the portal about review is final and can't be disputed.
  20. The payment for review is charged immediately after its publication. Payments are performed in PayPal. Payments are done at the request and the minimal sum is 10 dollars. After application for payment is received, money will be paid within 5 working days.
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Full name of product or service. Please use exactly the same name as it written on a package of product.
Product name:
Beaphar Renaletten, supplement for cats with ill kidneys
Write FULL NAME of the product (including the model, numbers etc) or service and press "Add" button. Start typing the product name and if you´ll notice an appropriate product name in the list below, please choose this product from the list, this means that product is already in our database.

For example:

  1. Jonny & Steve: Luxury Travel
  2. Toothpaste Blend-a-med Herbal
  3. Bosch PBR T78
  4. Ipad 2
  5. Bank of America
  6. Artemis of Switzerland Face Lotion
  7. Nivea Soft Cleaning Strips
  8. Adidas Fruity Rhythm Eau De Parfum
This is name of your review. Please describe your final opinion about the product or service in 1-2 phrases. It must be a gist of whole review.
For example:

  1. About shampoo: "I got rid of dandruff for two weeks"
  2. About toothpaste: "My teeth and gums are much more healthy than before!"
  3. About washing machine: "The washer with dryer, but not the best one"
  4. About insect repellent: "Didn´t work, doesn´t work and will not be"
  5. About humidifier: "Air like in summer forest after the rain!"
  6. About Bank: "The most disgusting of all the existing banks!"
  7. About travel agency: "Poor, modest, but honest"


The brand providing product or service.
Начните набирать название бренда, затем кликните на нужный результат в появившемся списке под полем ввода. Если бренд не найден, или вы не уверены в написании, оставьте поле пустым.
Be as specific as possible. Describe only your personal experience of this product or service.
Rate the product or service from 0 to 10, where 0 is the worst score and 10 the best


Each picture has a number and you can refer to it in your review. You can also move the pictures by dragging them with the mouse. Pictures will be displayed in your review in order corresponding to the numbers which you may observe on each picture. Number and size of pictures in review is not limited.