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After having registered, you will be able to add your reviews of goods and services, the subject of which is only restricted by the USA legislation. However, we DO NOT accept the reviews of alcohol and tobacco products, films, books and the products of intimate nature. You can add either paid or unpaid reviews. Each review is paid at a rate of the cost of 1000 symbols. The cost of each subject is very different, for instance, the confectionary has a certain cost, and the bank deposits have a much bigger one. You can see the rates for each subject on the list of categories after having registered.

All the reviews are manually checked and they are only published after this check. The moderation takes up to 24 hours at working days, the small delays are possible. All the reviews are checked on copy-paste so DO NOT COPY the text from other websites. Even if you copy just a small part of a text, your review won’t pass the check and your account will be closed without any cash payments (if the cash exists). It refers to both paid and unpaid reviews. Your text must be UNIQUE!

The amount of a text for a paid review is 800 symbols minimum and 6000 symbols maximum. The text amount for the unpaid review is minimum 400 symbols and maximum 20000 symbols.

You will be charged for your review immediately after its publication. The payments are only made in PayPal. The payments are made at your request. The minimum sum is 3$, which means that if you have the amount of money equal to 3$ or more on your account balance, you can leave an application for the payment. After getting the application for payment, the money will be paid during 5 working days.