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Take care of your health, do not eat dry powders instead of normal meal

I am not a fan of fast food because I prefer healthy meal. The story I am going to tell is unpleasant for me but I will tell it because I do not want other people to be caught by the same poor-quality bait like I was. I was in the business trip but with low travelling expenses. The whole day I was busy without any meal. I dropped to the grocery store where I was advised to buy a package of dry mashed potatoes. The only thing that I needed to do was to add hot water and wait a couple of minutes until it turns from a powder into mashed mass. I swallowed the double portion at once because it was so tasty. With a full stomach I continued my ...

The overpayment for a little timing rate doesn’t worth it

Product: RAM Kingston Hyper X 16GB Memory Kit Category: PC Hardware Author: Eric Author´s opinion:
When I was assembling a mini-ITX computer for work, I wanted all work applications to open and run very fast. Having a fast chip and SSD is not enough, you also need fast RAM. However my motherboard could support only standard frequencies of DDR3 1600. So, after a short cogitative pause I decided to look for differences between different RAMs of equal frequency rates. Some companies ask to pay more than their competitors for some RAMs. It turned out that the lower timing rate the higher price, so I had chosen RAM with the lowest timing rate CL9, two bars of 8 GB each, working in pair. We have been using them in the second ...

It gets absorbed quickly and it neutralizes odor

Product: Fresh Step Scholl feet deodorant Category: Body Care Products Author: Susanne5420 Author´s opinion:
One day I bought a pair of shoes on a sale. Even though the shoes are made of leather, my feet sweated too much in them, and as a result there was a strong odor. I decided to fight against sweating and odor simultaneously with the help of Fresh Step Scholl feet deodorant. Its smell is more like neutral, and that’s OK, because the mixture of sweat odor with a fruit flavor makes me vomit. I also liked the fact that this deodorant dried out quickly. Before going out, I washed my feet, mopped them dry, then I spread the deodorant and put the tights on. My feet were dry, though. When I had the shoes on, my feet still felt comfortable, as ...

This paste really cures small wounds in the mouth

Product: Himalaya Herbals Dental Cream tooth paste Category: Dental Hygiene Products Author: EstherE78w Author´s opinion:
One day my gingivae started bleeding, and I had no idea of what I should do. My friend advised me to purchase this tooth paste, because she often has to face similar problems. I bought the paste immediately and I enjoyed it very much. After four days of using, my gingivae stopped bleeding and the fetid breath disappeared. I used to feel discomfort in my mouth. I use this paste in the morning and in the evening, and I take at least 2,5 minutes to brush my teeth. The paste has a very sweet taste, but I quickly got used to it, and I need just a small quantity of the paste. As for its color, it’s grey and brown, it’s the first time I ...

It neutralizes feet odor

One day I felt a strong odor that came from my boots and feet. The boots turned out to be made of artificial materials, even though they looked so bright and cool, but the quality was mediocre, as you can see. It was really embarrassing for me to change clothes after the shaping, because I really stunk like a sweaty dude. I had to do something about it immediately. However, I had no intention to stop wearing my favorite shoes, therefore I had only one option – to buy a feet deodorant. I purchased some cheap cream in a shop, but in two weeks I realized it was useless. I remembered that the Freeman company had released a ...

It hasn’t lived up to my expectations fully

Product: Hard Drive SSD Kingston SSDNOW 300V Category: PC Hardware Author: Eric Author´s opinion:
I was assembling a mini-ITX computer for work and had a strong decision that even if the system is low-cost, I cannot do without SSD drive: I think the times of HDD are gone. I think that SDD drive has to run at least as a system drive. I have a SSD drive from Vertex on my main computer for work; it is really fast, I enjoyed the drive and the company. And for the second computer I’d decided to buy something simpler, I’d chosen a Kingston drive; it was 10-15% cheaper, even with same features as Vertex drive. The setting up hadn’t had any problems; everything had found its position. During the working process I had noticed by ...

It helps me to sleep peacefully

Product: Yogi Tea, Bedtime Category: Tea Author: LieseloVpa Author´s opinion:
I sleep rather anxiously, tumble a lot, often wake up – and sometimes I want to have a good rest “to the fullest”, sincerely. I try not to overuse medical means, and herbs like motherwort/oregano don’t really help me. That’s why I expressed my attitude of no great expectations towards Yogi Tea, Bedtime. But I liked it. Ingredients are − herbs, as you can see it on photo №3. The tea is packed into ordinary filter-teabags. I don't like its aroma and taste much; it smells like licorice, which I don’t like and also some kind of my least favorite herb. But the effect atones drawbacks of taste – I fall asleep faster and dream ...

Delicious, but spicy and won’t be right for everybody

Product: Yogi Tea, Detox Category: Tea Author: LieseloVpa Author´s opinion:
Detox tea – is a herbal tea for decontaminating and maintaining of liver and kidneys. So, anyhow, it is according to composition. Among other herbs, it contains cinnamon, ginger and pepper that give it evident spicy taste. I like this tea very much, such a feeling as if my liver really looks better after it, there is no heaviness in hypochondria and it warms up very well. But I’m not sure that it will be right for people with stomach disease because of spicy herbs in its composition.

I didn’t get the fuss around this beverage

Product: Yogi Stress Relief Tea Category: Tea Author: LieseloVpa Author´s opinion:
I bought Stress Relief tea because it is too much discussed and has many opinions both very positive like: “this tea helped me sooo good, stress is gone as if nothing was wrong” and harshly negative like “ dangerous herbal collection, has a plenty of contraindications!”. I bought it and gathering all my willpower decided to try it. Speaking honestly, I didn’t understand what’s the hype around this beverage? It is a common herbal tea, not too tasty because of cinnamon, cloves and carob, which I don’t like. I don’t like herbal sugar substitutes – not stevia, or carob or all the more licorice (pffff…). I didn’t notice ...

Perfect before pedicure

Product: Bare Foot Freeman foot bath Category: Skin Care Products Author: Asya Author´s opinion:
I have accidentally bought foot bath Bare Foot with mint, plum and tea tree oil. I decided to use the bath before pedicure at home. I dropped a bit of means in a basin of warm water, sank my pretty legs for about 10 minutes and relaxed. And while tea tree had a deodorizing effect, the mint helped my feet tired during the whole day and the plum moisturized skin. Heels were softened so well after that and peeled with help of pumice stone. I had the same bath before going to the sea, and after that at home as well. My legs had just super look, and the skin wasn’t dry, heels were like those babies have. Speaking about the price, for ...
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