Very handy 7-day pillbox

Product: Medidos pillbox Category: Other Author: Gluk Author´s opinion:
As I have to take a great number of pills every day, at times 10 different kinds, I simply get mixed up and forget what pills I should take and when, because they have to be taken at different times, some have to be taken in halves, another in quarters. Sometimes I should take two pills at a time. In general, when the amount of pills become more than two or three per day, it is next to impossible to memorize without noting the procedure of taking. I have to note it over again every week or two, because the pills and the procedure of taking change. I get too lazy to do it therefore I forget to take them, sometimes I forget to look at the ...

Challenging pregnancy test

Product: Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strips Category: Other Author: Marta Author´s opinion:
You know, for the first time when I`ve noticed these pregnancy tests in the internet, I was surprised, because I should say that they are not expensive and there are twenty five of them in the package. Firstly, I thought that twenty five is too much but I was wrong. Tests are very exact and precise but if you are using them incorrectly then it becomes invalid. I had many attempts before I have managed to receive the exact result. So I have spoiled about ten tests and it is really an unpleasant fact. So I would advise you to read the instruction first and be very careful while using the test. It is not true that all the tests are the ...

An easy way to indicate the ovulation

Product: Clearblue Easy Digital Ovulation Test Category: Other Author: Lira Author´s opinion:
I would like to share with you my impressions as for this ovulation test which helped me to get pregnant. The first thing I should mention is that it is rather expensive but it is worth it. It is of high quality and is rather easy to use. But before using it you should consult the annotation in order to do everything correctly, because some questions and doubts may appear. There are twenty tests in the package so you can be sure that you will have enough of them to indicate the perfect time of ovulation. The test works like this: it indicates the luteinizing hormone which is responsible for the ovulation process in your urine ...