Good in everything except its weight

Product: Fontignac cast iron round casserole Category: Dishes Author: Rochelle7656 Author´s opinion:
I bought this saucepan with a big (60%) discount. Just the price made me buy a cast-iron saucepan – though I wanted cast-iron thing for my household for long time, but I didn’t like a common cast because of its bad cleaning while enameled was simply expensive. And here it turned out to be rather reasonable as for the price – 43$ for a saucepan with 3.6 liters volume. I didn’t hear about Fontignac Company before, but have seen an advertising share I read a little about it in the Internet. In general, reviews were positive, so just before the New Year I came back home with a heavy box. I didn’t take picture of the package from ...

A convenient size, a good shape

Product: Roaster Excellent houseware Category: Dishes Author: Marta Jurkevics Author´s opinion:
I bought this roaster about three months ago, specially for roasting chicken and fish. I don’t use the oven too often, so, I was searching for some multipurpose shape which is suitable both for frying nuts and roasting meat – that’s why I chose the roaster with high sides. There was a label on the bottom of the roaster, I tried to unstick it, I was afraid that it would soften in the oven and stick to the grill. But it didn’t happen, and I didn’t manage to tear the label off completely, that’s why the bottom doesn’t look not very neat. The roaster is non-stick, it should be treated with great care, but still, the coating is ...