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Cheap branded smart phone from Sony, still relevant

Product: Smartphone Sony Xperia P Category: Mobile Phones & Smartphones Author: Den Author´s opinion:
This smart phone belongs to Xperia NXT line and refers to the mid-range segment. It appeared on sale in summer 2012, at the moment the model has become a little bit outdated, but still hasn’t lost its relevance. In design this model repeats flagman-rank Sony Xperia S, but unlike the flagman-rank one it has metal body (anodized aluminum), and not plastic one, which is of course the plus. We can refer this model to branded, as the body is not just metallic, it is constructed from a whole peace of due to laser cut method, it looks very stylish. By the way, it’s noticeable if look closer at any holes of the body. I’ll start ...

The very indispensable thing for Nokia Lumia 1020 owners

Product: Case with battery Nokia Camera Grip PG-95G Category: Phone Accessories Author: Eric Author´s opinion:
I have bought Lumia 1020 camera phone for its camera only. I have no sympathy neither to Nokia as a brand nor to Windows Phone. Here I explain the reasons why I decided to buy the battery-case: - First of all it is a good supplier of extra 1020 mAh that gives you additional 12 hours of your smartphone’s life or add 40% of the nominal capacity of phone battery. - Secondly, you do need some case to protect your phone, otherwise you have to put the phone on the table whether with the screen down taking the risk to scratch the display, or with the camera down: but since camera is protruding pretty much you actually take much ...

A phone of great reliability and satisfaction!

Product: Samsung J-150 Category: Mobile Phones & Smartphones Author: Kalina Author´s opinion:
The phone has a great, bright display and the keyboard lights up too. The phone is very "loud" so even a very quiet ring tone is heard well in a noisy place, when the phone is in the inner pocket of your overcoat. In this case, the alarm of the phone, despite its volume is not annoying to the ears. The things that make this device satisfactory and reliable are: Samsung repeatedly fell off the table and on the floor and it even fell into the water. After a few minutes, the device was "alive" and worked well! In the fourth year of its "life", the phone has bad battery to hold a charge, so it has to be recharged every ...

Convenient, easy, simple and most importantly – pink!

Product: LG T300 Cookie Lite Category: Mobile Phones & Smartphones Author: Sophie Author´s opinion:
Many mothers will understand me - kids like to play with mobile phones insanely. But my only problem is that the naughty little fingers tend to drop the phone all the time, or gets thrown into a bowl of porridge. For young mothers in general, it is better to own a mobile phone, that won't make you feel sorry even if it is unintentionally destroyed by a child. I managed to find a model that perfectly combines all these wonderful qualities - LG T300 Cookie Lite Pink. With this wonderful little pink touch phone,  it was impossible not to notice the great number of low-cost models. Without hesitation, I bought it and have no ...

A simple phone for simple needs

Product: Nokia 1203 Category: Mobile Phones & Smartphones Author: Lillie Walker Author´s opinion:
Of course this is not a touch "fancy" phone, it does not even display color, and the MP3 format is not supported, but it has a quite simple menu that can easily be mastered by a small child. This phone has served for several years, until I bought a touchscreen smartphone, and gave the Nokia to the old lady. Grandmother's phone worked for two years. It has minimum frills but maximum reliability - that's the characteristic of this phone.

What A Simple And Practical Phone With Standard Features

Product: Samsung GT-E1150 Category: Mobile Phones & Smartphones Author: Armand Author´s opinion:
This phone looks nice and modern. When folded, takes up very little space, rather thin, looks stylish, works without a hitch. Unfortunately, the phone has no special buttons to close the phone, but it does not matter, because even one finger is hard to do. A model phone with a mid-sized display. All the characters are quite large and easy to read. Another thing, the phone has no second screen and it could be a huge let down. Also another disadvantage is that the phone is not automatic in answering a call after opening the lid. In order to answer the call, open the phone and press one of the buttons. Of the ...

Bad Choice For A Phone

Product: Samsung GT-S5230W Category: Mobile Phones & Smartphones Author: Sophie Author´s opinion:
It's a shame when you get disappointed with your new and much-awaited gadget, but sometimes this predicament happens. The Samsung GT-S5230W phone we bought for our son's birthday made the child incredibly happy. But at the same evening, the phone was found to have a few problems. We hoped that this was just a defective phone, and brought it back to the store. We changed it, and two weeks later, the new phone also began to hang. Just because our son had waited to have this phone for a long time and loved the design of the phone, its claims to work perfectly is not true after all. It periodically reboots itself and ...

Reliable assistant

Product: Apple iPhone 2G Category: Mobile Phones & Smartphones Author: Rony Author´s opinion:
Before I had an iPhone, I had a few smartphones including brands like Nokia, and LG, but none of them scored this capacity. Despite its claimed benefits, I will never think twice about buying cheap phones to do even the simplest tasks. I have heard a long time that there was such a thing about an "ideal phone" but have never thought that this is possible, until I received my new iPhone. I totally changed my mind. Let me start with the display. With a resolution of 320 * 280 the iPhone has a very different image quality: it was more dramatic and intense and watching  videos on it was a real pleasure. It uses touch to access all ...

My Phone Is Not Modern, But Still Gears!

Product: Apple iPhone 2G Category: Mobile Phones & Smartphones Author: S. Vogt Author´s opinion:
The Apple iPhone 2G is the first smartphone from the legendary company Macintosh. I bought it a year after its official release. At the time, this was the best machine in the market. Not so bad camera and had great touch screen. At that time, these phones were little, and now current models are no different, except that the camera is more powerful and of course the processor and memory are larger and more intuitive. In those time, I was pleased on the phone's capacitive multitouch screen. As I remember, many envied the presence of multitouch technology. The camera functions well but not perfect; in the daylight, it ...

Definitely The World’s Best Smartphone

Product: Apple iPhone 4S Category: Mobile Phones & Smartphones Author: Sophie Author´s opinion:
Specifications of any gadget may not be interesting unless a person loves to use the product. Otherwise anyone can go to the Apple website and read about the product's specs and learn all about these in detail. The single button is a classic feature in an iPhone, you see it on the right side at the bottom. If you press it, it will become a Home button where ever you are in the menu or in the iPhone application or game, just press the button and you will immediately go to the main menu . The front side and back of the device is covered with special glass, it is not plastic. This is very "expensive" to the touch. And the side ...
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