The size is important

Product: Mouse pad A4-Tech X7-500MP Category: Accessories Author: Armand Author´s opinion:
I’ve bought the pad only because I was buying a new mouse. I hadn’t had any mouse pads before, because I hated the way they incurve with the course of time, they also crack, the cover gets off, etc. Well, in general my impressions are not the best ones. Moreover, the mouse cost only a couple of dollars, so I wasn’t afraid to rub it. When choosing a new mouse I came across this mouse pad, I saw its price and didn’t notice its size… I ordered it immediately and I was very surprised when they gave me such a roll in the shop. I actually have nothing to compare with, but what I had been using before is incomparable with the A4-Tech ...

My impression is not the best one

Product: Logitech Gaming Mouse G500 Category: Mouses Author: Algis Author´s opinion:
Before I acquired the G500 I had been using the ordinary Logiteck mouse with 3 buttons that had served me not less than 5-6 years. Being very glad about such a long validity I decided to take the Logiteck gaming mouse, hoping that it would serve not less than the previous one and with more comfort. The mouse is very loud. It can be related to almost every button. The scroll wheel is especially inconvenient. They have charged it with 3 buttons + the scroll function working in 2 modes. When you try to press the middle button, the wheel is always moving on the buttons of the horizontal scrolling, you manage to do the middle ...

It’s a mediocre reader, it falters from time to time

Product: Rollei card reader Category: Accessories Author: Eric Author´s opinion:
I’ve bought a card reader in order not to stick the cable into the camera constantly. It seemed to be more convenient to remove the flesh card from the camera and to insert it into the reader. It turned out that it would be better to insert the cord into the camera, because the flesh card can quickly fail if you keep removing it hither and thither, it isn’t designed for these aims. Moreover, the card reader itself is of an unknown Chinese brand, I bought it just because there were no other ones, wherein the price is 15$. It works every other time: sometimes it reads well, sometimes you can insert the card and nothing happens, ...

The best mainboard from the middle pricing segment

Product: Asus P8 Z77-V mainboard Category: PC Hardware Author: Eric Author´s opinion:
I have recently been constructing a playing computer for myself, and I chose a mainboard by Asus firm for it. I know that goods of this firm are unreasonably expensive, however glitches and defects are seen in them more rarely than in their less expensive analogs, and I was afraid to save money on such thing as mainboard (essentially the basis of computer), so without thinking much I bought expensive Asus and calmed down. Afterwards I only became sure of my right choice, the installation has hone by without problems, all the mounts needed (and even more than needed) and accessories were present and were put in ...

Best computer power supply from middle pricing category

Product: OCZ-ZT 750W Computer Power Supply Category: PC Hardware Author: Eric Author´s opinion:
I’ve recently been constructing a budget playing computer, I chose exactly this power supply for it, because you shouldn’t save money on power supply. I took it with a stock so that in future I could link up two video cards. Generally, the pricing on the market of power supplies is now like all the prices on supplies up to 750W are low, and then they are abruptly rising for power supplies of 800W and higher. So I’ve chosen just 750W, as I didn’t want to overpay. On the whole the OCZ firm gives rather premium-class details as well as it is very popular brand in computer world. I was pleased by presence of 80 plus bronze ...

Cheap, quick RAM memory for playing computer

Product: Kingston 8 GB RAM Memori Kit Category: PC Hardware Author: Eric Author´s opinion:
Not long ago I was constructing playing computer for myself, and I chose memory of Kingston Company for it, as it is very well-known brand, which is considered to produce details of premium-class. At the moment of purchasing the memory was quite cheap, so I took 16GBs at once. I recommend you should always buy it in Kit set for 2 or 4 laths, this guarantees you 100% compatibility of memory with one another and full absence of glitches. The RAM has also got some similarity of radiators, but in fact this is just a plastic, looking like aluminium.

Best video card from middle price category

Product: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 670 video card Category: PC Hardware Author: Eric Author´s opinion:
When I was constructing my computer, I used GeForce GTX 670 video card, and I simply had chosen Gigabyte Company because they sold the cheapest cards. The card looks solid, and it occupies 2 slots in terms of the size. The package is huge, there is a hard plastic inside, it is well-protected. I think the card will be relevant at least a year for all computer games on the whole. Then it will admit to play using settings close to maximal in almost all games for one more year. I think I won’t change it to GeForce of 700 versions, which has appeared and is sold, I had a thought to do that, but I don’t think it’s necessary. I should ...

Nice and light iron

Product: Bosch TDA-2315 Category: Irons Author: Lora J Dircz Author´s opinion:
I have to do a lot of ironing, as I have two children. My son is a real sloven – daily I need to wash and iron for him very many things. Besides, my small fashionable lady loves little skirts and dresses with ruffles, folds, bows very much. So every day I have to iron either my husband’s shirts or son’s T-shirts or daughter’s dresses. I needed a model with no superfluous bells and whistles, but one which could iron quickly, easily and that it wasn’t heavy. I liked Bosch TDA that suited all these aspects. It’s light, quick, and convenient. It has a good handle, so it is easily and reliably taken in hand and doesn’t slide. So it is ...

Budget case for playing computer

Product: Thermaltake Commander MS-III case for computer Category: PC Hardware Author: Eric Author´s opinion:
Recently I was constructing a budget playing computer for me. As the computer was going to be budget, though playing, and the case also had to be budget, but with condition of having all the slots needed, all the connectors and additional places for installation of coolers. As a result I chose the case by Thermaltake, it costed very cheap about 60-70$. I was attracted by its light weight, as usually gaming cases weigh so much that it’s difficult to pick it up in assembly. And also the fact of lower placement of power supply is actually more convenient then when it is regularly placed above. And you shouldn’t be afraid ...

Very fast SSD disk without glitches and problems

Product: Vertex 4 (256gb) SSD disk Category: PC Hardware Author: Eric Author´s opinion:
Constructing computer for me I was choosing a hard disk long time, I didn’t want to spend money on SSD, but then I just decided to buy SSD. I was also choosing among them quite long and finally I understood that cheapest is the dearest and bought one of the top-class for that moment Vertex 4 models. Of course 256GBs is a little, but it disciplines, there is nothing superfluous, no rubbish. And for keeping movies and music there is an external screw on 3 TB. Now directly speaking about this screw, form factor 2.5, I had to put an adapter. The package is by the way sound, the disk is covered with dense porous plastic, it ...
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