It’s a half done product, the construction is very crude and inconvenient

Product: Fellowes Professional Series Sit/Stand Keyboard Tray Category: Other Author: Den Author´s opinion:
My wife can hardly work at the classical flat table because of her health problems, and we don’t have enough money to order the special furniture, it would cost about 500$ with the delivery and installation. That’s why we have been looking for a special keyboard tray that can be regulated the way we’d like. We bought it at the Amazon, it cost 500$, but there was more than 50%discount and we paid about 230-240$ for it + delivery which is nearly half the price of the table we ordered. A couple of weeks later we received the tray which weighed more than 10 kg. I was very surprised when I unpacked it and made sure that it was ...

It’s powerful, compact and it always rescues me

Product: Backup Battery Prolife Platinum PRO-12000 Category: Other Author: kifayatullah Author´s opinion:
It’s an external battery. The brand is a Chinese one, but it didn’t influence the quality, it’s decent. The price is 80$, it’s not too much for the volume of 12000 mAh. You shouldn’t directly compare the capacity of 12000 mAh with the capacity of the rechargeable device, for instance, a smartphone with the 1500 mAh battery and you shouldn’t hope that you’ll charge it from the outer battery 8 times. When transmitting the energy, a part of it is lost, that’s why a smartphone with the 1500 mAH battery can be charged about 4 times from this battery. The manufacturer guarantees 500 cycles of the charge and discharge of the ...