Works like a charm for so many years

Product: Whirlpool AWE 6515 Category: Washers Author: Feejo Author´s opinion:
This washing machine that we bought more than six years ago still works like a charm. So far there have been no failures and complaints: it works flawlessly. The drum capacity is 5 kg, class A. The number of revolutions per minute: a maximum of 1000. All in all it has good wash, rinse and squeeze. We do not add any descaling agents and water softeners to wash our clothes at all. Oddly enough, my parents have the same model but is already broken, even though they were very careful in using it. The machine's heater had to be changed for the third time. The only thing I do not like about this machine is that it washes for at ...

Good and silent performer!

Product: Candy C2 095 Category: Washers Author: CR Author´s opinion:
We already have five washing machine Candy C2 095. It is simple and easy to manage, cost-effective and attractive in design. As to her performance over the years, there are no complaints. It is quite compact and has a roomy tank, which is convenient to put laundry, and it has a lot of different programs, suitable for almost all occasions even though I personally use only some of them. What's more important to me is that the machine washes well even at low temperatures and it's not very noisy when running. It only makes a sound during the spin cycle. In any case, compared with other washing machines that I have seen ...