Great budget option for users without excessive demands

Product: Asus K52N Category: Laptops Author: Armand Author´s opinion:
I needed a laptop for emergencies, such as for travel purposes. But, when choosing a laptop, I focus on a cheap but very productive model. Asus laptop is a model that's quite attractive in appearance. The color was announced as brown, but in my opinion,  it is actually very dark chocolate, even closer to black. It weighs 5.7 oz. (2.6 kg.) and has a memory of 2 GB. Advantages: - not a bad design and compact in size; - has a variety of pre-installed software, including the operating system Windows 7; - large hard drive; - a full-sized numeric keypad for convenience - It's not noisy when used as the keypad ...

In My Line Of Work, It Is Indispensable Gadget!

Product: Samsung R523 Category: Laptops Author: Eric Author´s opinion:
I have used this laptop for about a year, and I have mostly positive reactions. I call this device the "Quiet Man" because it works almost inaudible. It is definitely a change from the loud noise desktop computer that I have always used. By profession I am a teacher. Have to spend so much time at the computer, texts need to typed fast. This laptop is so important to me and what really won me over was the fact that this model has a comfortable keyboard. Also it is fast when it copies files. With loading systems and programs it never had any problems. I can use it to surf the Internet. A lot of typing never let me down because it ...

A powerful and reliable laptop to use

Product: Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3 Category: Laptops Author: W. Stewart Author´s opinion:
A year ago, I bought this laptop. At that time, I needed a device that is small in size but a powerful model. S 10-3, with a diagonal of 10 inches, has 2 GB of RAM, a processor speed of 1.66 GHz, and a hard drive capacity of 250 GB. This device weighs 1.25 kg. Has super high-quality display features like LED backlight, which shows images very clearly. Battery at full charge can provide power up to 6 hours. It is very convenient to listen to music on this laptop, it has updated audio technology Dolby Digital. On both sides there are sockets for USB devices, power cord, and memory card reader. The big advantage is the ability ...