The size is important

Product: Mouse pad A4-Tech X7-500MP Category: Accessories Author: Armand Author´s opinion:
I’ve bought the pad only because I was buying a new mouse. I hadn’t had any mouse pads before, because I hated the way they incurve with the course of time, they also crack, the cover gets off, etc. Well, in general my impressions are not the best ones. Moreover, the mouse cost only a couple of dollars, so I wasn’t afraid to rub it. When choosing a new mouse I came across this mouse pad, I saw its price and didn’t notice its size… I ordered it immediately and I was very surprised when they gave me such a roll in the shop. I actually have nothing to compare with, but what I had been using before is incomparable with the A4-Tech ...

It’s a mediocre reader, it falters from time to time

Product: Rollei card reader Category: Accessories Author: Eric Author´s opinion:
I’ve bought a card reader in order not to stick the cable into the camera constantly. It seemed to be more convenient to remove the flesh card from the camera and to insert it into the reader. It turned out that it would be better to insert the cord into the camera, because the flesh card can quickly fail if you keep removing it hither and thither, it isn’t designed for these aims. Moreover, the card reader itself is of an unknown Chinese brand, I bought it just because there were no other ones, wherein the price is 15$. It works every other time: sometimes it reads well, sometimes you can insert the card and nothing happens, ...

Computer hub-flower

Product: USB 2.0 – hub splitter Flower, Konoos Category: Accessories Author: Lunar_Princess Author´s opinion:
I am about to describe USB-hub, so-called USB splitter. This is such a gizmo, which is used for “multiplication” of computer USB-ports. Frequently, owners of laptops have a problem of lack of USB-ports, and I wasn’t the exception, as my laptop has only just three of them. And I have to link up much more devices in it, than it’s ready to accept. As a result, I had to connect them to computer in turns. I have three devices that are persistently working: keyboard, mouse and modem. Finally, to connect one more device, I constantly had to pull something out, so that to free place for a newcomer. The case ended the way that one of ...

Convenient and reliable iPad cover

Product: Apple Smart Cover Category: Accessories Author: James Montgomery Author´s opinion:
It is a piece of cardboard that can be bent in three places and create a triangular stand, but the height is not enough anyway. It is mounted on the magnet automatically, for instance, you just hold the edge of the magnet to the edge of iPad and it is grasped, holds very tight, holds the weight of the iPad 3 if hang and keeps it clean for the cover. One thing that makes this ipad cover great is that if you close the cover of the iPad, it immediately goes into sleep mode and when you open the cover it immediately wakes up which is why it is convenient. It is a strong enough cover and can withstand signs of wear and tear.

A Gorgeous Mouse Pad

Product: SteelSeries Qck Mini Gaming Mouse Pad Category: Accessories Author: Todor Author´s opinion:
This is gaming mouse pad. I used to think that the fact that this rug makes a game special is just marketing nonsense. But when I bought this rug, I realized that I was deeply mistaken. The ease with which the mouse glides over it is about 2 times higher than the usual pad. I like the fact that the sliding on the table and the usual mat are not too different, so sometimes I work at all without the mat. But with this rug from SteelSeries, I understood the difference between working without the mat and working with it. In games, the accuracy is awesome and the thrill of the game rises accordingly too. True; the price is ...