The sound is excellent, I’m satisfied with it, but the backlight is too bright

Product: Speaker System with Subwoofer Microlab M-700 Category: Speakers Author: Pello Author´s opinion:
I’ve bought these loudspeakers for my wife’s computer. The Microlab brand is purely Chinese, but it’s very old and it’s specialized on acoustics. The subwoofer is made of wood and you can hear the bassos. I thought it would be worse, but it turned out to be rather decent. Of course, it’s not an ideal basso, but it’s better than by the Edifier. The volume regulation is at the front side, and it’s a great advantage, as you don’t have to reach for the back side of the loudspeakers. The backlight is red and bright, they could have made it calmer, because it’s annoying when the subwoofer is right in front of you. The control panel ...