They aren’t bad, they are worth their price

Product: Panasonic HJE120 headphones Category: Headphones Author: Kitrulz Author´s opinion:
I’ve bought them for my child to replace her similar SVEN headphones. My daughter has lost their silicone parts at school. There was only the plastic part with wires left. Unlike in the SVEN headphones, the embouchure in the Panasonic ones is firmly installed. To take it off, you have to make some efforts. The shape is asymmetrical, but my daughter has got used to it and she doesn’t want any others. She says they are convenient. The sound is also much better than by SVEN, and the price is almost the same. All in all, the child is pleased. I’m a bit worried about their solidity, as the wire looks too fragile, and it creases ...

I was surprised, the palette of sounds is fascinating

Product: Headphones Sennheiser CX150 Category: Headphones Author: Bat5 Author´s opinion:
I’ve been hesitating what headphones to choose to replace the old ones for a long time. My home rodent has eaten them with great appetite. I needed the closed headphones, the monitor ones. I’ve looked over numerous models mostly relying on the characteristics mentioned on the manufacturers’ websites, but I’ve found nothing suitable within the acceptable price. I’ve learnt about the Sennheiser brand from some people who are competent in this matter. But, as usual, I was hesitating and trying to choose something from the Sony, Coss and other brands. It’s needless to say that the type of headphones I wanted ...

An uncomfortable headset but great for girls

Product: Logitech USB headset H360 Category: Headphones Author: Armand Author´s opinion:
I bought this headset, simply because nothing was cheaper than this. I had to quickly use something to talk and it able to connect via USB. In general, I must say that is is a headset for the girls, because it does not damage your hair. Because there is not at the top of the headset on the head and it stays at the back instead close to the neck; so styling is retained. Actually my ears are tired with this method of wearing a headset. I do not like to use it for another hour. My ears would ache so I would take them off. But when I would wear them again, the pain over my ears would come back. There is a volume control and ...

Excellent headphones!

Product: Apple MA850G/A Category: Headphones Author: Gail Author´s opinion:
Recently I bought a phone headset. I tell you that it has the highest quality even higher than the expected. Crisp and rich sound poured into my ear. Upon seeing these headphones for the first time, it just looks super!. I used them only in the jack on my mobile phone, but tried other devices as well. And all the time the sound was just remarkable! Sometimes I connect this headphone to my laptop to watch movies when the baby sleeps. Now my husband is also using it to play games in the Internet. In general these headphones only bring satisfaction to the owner.