It helps me to sleep peacefully

Product: Yogi Tea, Bedtime Category: Tea Author: LieseloVpa Author´s opinion:
I sleep rather anxiously, tumble a lot, often wake up – and sometimes I want to have a good rest “to the fullest”, sincerely. I try not to overuse medical means, and herbs like motherwort/oregano don’t really help me. That’s why I expressed my attitude of no great expectations towards Yogi Tea, Bedtime. But I liked it. Ingredients are − herbs, as you can see it on photo №3. The tea is packed into ordinary filter-teabags. I don't like its aroma and taste much; it smells like licorice, which I don’t like and also some kind of my least favorite herb. But the effect atones drawbacks of taste – I fall asleep faster and dream ...

Delicious, but spicy and won’t be right for everybody

Product: Yogi Tea, Detox Category: Tea Author: LieseloVpa Author´s opinion:
Detox tea – is a herbal tea for decontaminating and maintaining of liver and kidneys. So, anyhow, it is according to composition. Among other herbs, it contains cinnamon, ginger and pepper that give it evident spicy taste. I like this tea very much, such a feeling as if my liver really looks better after it, there is no heaviness in hypochondria and it warms up very well. But I’m not sure that it will be right for people with stomach disease because of spicy herbs in its composition.

I didn’t get the fuss around this beverage

Product: Yogi Stress Relief Tea Category: Tea Author: LieseloVpa Author´s opinion:
I bought Stress Relief tea because it is too much discussed and has many opinions both very positive like: “this tea helped me sooo good, stress is gone as if nothing was wrong” and harshly negative like “ dangerous herbal collection, has a plenty of contraindications!”. I bought it and gathering all my willpower decided to try it. Speaking honestly, I didn’t understand what’s the hype around this beverage? It is a common herbal tea, not too tasty because of cinnamon, cloves and carob, which I don’t like. I don’t like herbal sugar substitutes – not stevia, or carob or all the more licorice (pffff…). I didn’t notice ...

Wonderful taste and healing effect

Product: Gurman’s green tea with ginger and honey flavor Category: Tea Author: Alisa Author´s opinion:
On her birthday my Mum was given a packaging of Gurman’s green tea. As it was a drink she hardly knew, Mum gave it to me to try, as I can’t imagine my life without a cup of fragrant tea. I took one tea spoon of tea for a medium cup and brewed it with hot water for three minutes (but don’t use boiling water, because all vitamins die in it). I immediately felt the nice and tart ginger taste and also the sweet and mawkish honey one. The flavor combination is simply amazing. I didn’t even add the sugar in order not to spoil this delightful natural taste. The tea is a large-leaved one, that’s why I first put too much of it in my medium cup, the ...

Pretty nice tea for those who like tea bags

Product: Impra green pyramid tea bag Category: Tea Author: Amanda Author´s opinion:
I don’t usually buy bagged tea of to two reasons. 1. Cellulose tea bags give specific taste and I don’t like it. 2. There is tea dust in teabags usually. Its taste I also dislike. Honestly speaking, there are three reasons. The third one is unreasonably high price for bagged tea in comparison with loose tea. I am not going to touch this reason in this review. However, nylon tea bags by large companies don’t have the flaws like these. Nylon doesn’t give any additional taste and is absolutely health friendly. The tea in them is of good quality as you can see on the photo 2 – these are ordinary tea leaves, not the tea ...

There is no WOW, but the tea isn’t bad

Product: The powder tea matya ITOEN Tegaru ni Matcha Category: Tea Author: Lillie Walker Author´s opinion:
People can be divided into men and women, cat and dog lovers, and also into tea and coffee addicts. I’m a tea addict, I never begin the morning without a cup of strong tea. And having seen extraordinary green powder, I couldn't help trying it.Matja (or matcha) is the green ground tea. It is drunk mixed with hot water. It appeared to be insoluble. After brewing the powder remains a powder mixture in the water, that’s why it should be drunk immediately after its preparation – otherwise the matcha will accumulate on the bottom. Such tea will be more to the liking of those who are fond of exactly the green tea, as the taste is ...