Eatable, but no more

Product: M&M’s Maxi Category: Confectionery & Candies Author: Richard Speidel Author´s opinion:
I have recently bought M&M’s to try, I liked it in my youth. Perhaps I am again finding fault with it, but it tastes of nothing, just small lumps of chocolate, wrapped up in icing. In fact kids should prefer them, they are colorful and there is a chocolate inside. The chocolate is by the way the most common, if you take a simple cheap milky bar of chocolate – here it is. The icing also doesn’t add any taste at all. Well, it will go fine with the tea of like a gift for a kid, it doesn’t cost much. What I am glad with is that though it is difficult spoil, chocolate is the same chocolate.

It doesn`t seem to be a chocolate at all! You have never tried such a thing!

Product: Meiji Rich Matcha Category: Chocolate Author: Eric Author´s opinion:
This chocolate is sold only in the internal market of Japan, but if you want you can get it without visiting and I did so. This chocolate contains a big amount of green tea Matcha, it has natural color and it wasn`t painted green. When I tried it for the first time the flavor was incredible and I haven`t felt the taste of chocolate at all. The whole range of tastes is created by notes of green tea, the taste is very strong, full-bodied, slightly astringent. The chocolate tones up greatly, so keep in mind the fact that you cannot eat the whole chocolate bar at a time. It is a perfect present, unique and unusual. Any person will ...

Peculiar Japanese chocolate with unusual taste

Product: Galbo mini, Meiji Category: Chocolate Author: Eric Author´s opinion:
It is purely Japanese chocolate, sold only in Japan. I love exotic things so, I decided to buy it. There is nothing usual in its package. It contains chocolate in the form of rounded rectangles which are put into a transparent bag. But the taste is very unusual, very similar to the creamy chocolate, anyone who has ever tasted it will understand. It melts in your mouth very quickly. It has a porous structure inside and a layer of creamy chocolate from the outside as it is depicted on the wrapper. It is very cheap, only a few dollars per package. It is very exotic thing to try and it will be a great present. There is nothing to ...

Tasty, cheaply, simply

Product: Set for baking a chocolate pie Malsena Category: Bakery Products Author: CR Author´s opinion:
The value of the set is 1.8$, for this money you get 2 packages with a ready-made mixture for baking a chocolate pie with your own hands at home. The first package serves the base or the dough if telling more simply, after the base is baked everything is stained on with the mixture from the second package, we get the chocolate base poured over with hot, watery chocolate. Rather tasty and very cheaply. In the store the ready-made chocolate pie/cake costs on the average from 7 to 20$. And again here we can proudly say that you have cooked it yourself, and who cares as for the details?

Pretty tasty and cheap

Product: Flour mixture for pancakes Malsena Category: Bakery Products Author: CR Author´s opinion:
It is a ready fast cooking mixture for pancakes. It’s really very convenient. You just add water and bake out pancakes. There is a mixture for 16 pancakes in the package, it costs about 1$. It seems you get home-made pancakes, but without kneading of the dough, delight for any housewife, who will always be able to proudly tell her husband that she has baked pancakes herself, while as a matter of fact she has simply poured the ready-made dough into the frying pan. But actually this is nice; just imagine how much time women can save and you’ll agree that the price is very humane, whether you bake pancakes every day, your ...

And sometimes they were pretty eatable

Product: Candy bar Twixels Category: Confectionery & Candies Author: S. Vogt Author´s opinion:
Who tells me what has happened with Twix in terms of quality? Earlier their products were quite eatable, and now they are slightly saying is scarcely eatable. Does it seem to me only when after eating any variants of Twix (and this Twixels is not exception) the clear chemical taste is left in the mouth? What kind of such cheap ingredients they use…and why? Earlier I’ve bought their products from time to time, and from now on I won’t, I have bought them several times for tea – simply not eatable, the stomach was once wrought from them. I don’t understand why for example Mars hasn’t spoiled, had the managers enough brains not ...

Pretty decent mineral water

Product: Natural mineral water Tichė Category: Beverages Author: Rony Author´s opinion:
I purchased this mineral water for about $1. I always carry drinking water in the car just in case, so i'm buying different water from time to time. Of course, it is difficult to write about the water and I can say that I have no claims or complaints about it since it tastes normal such as purified water is supposed to taste, there is no extraneous flavors, no aftertaste or anything else. Several gold medals on the package say that the water has won various prizes. It is not simply purified water, it's a mineralized type, where the calcium, magnesium, etc. in the composition are contained. On the front side, there is even an ...

The taste is not comparable to any other dish

Product: Pie Shakotis, IKI Gourmet Category: Confectionery & Candies Author: Eric Author´s opinion:
My favorite pie is the Lithuanian National Pie, which is also commonly referred to as the Sakotis. Whenever I’m in Lithuania for business or holiday, I always make a point of buying it. There are no words that can full describe the savor and taste. Moreover, the packaging is simply excellent. The price is also friendly thereby making it one of the most preferred pies in the Lithuania market. The taste simply melts into your mouth thereby compelling you to take more bites and before you know it you are through with the pie and already devouring the contents of the next packaging. The only setback is the fact that it does ...

From all that tasted the most tasty fruit jelly candies

Product: Fruit jelly candies Finlandia Category: Confectionery & Candies Author: Eric Author´s opinion:
Having tried different brands of fruit jelly candies from various manufacturers over the last couple of years, it is my firm belief that fruit jelly candies made by Finnish companies are some of the best in the world. The zest is simply out of this world. Moreover, it is quite juicy and extremely saturated. If the advertisement is to be fully trusted, then this is the fruit jelly that is fit for a king. Besides the great taste, I must admit that the packing is also quite excellent. Within the packages are different types of fruit jelly candies such as ball candies that are not only elastic, but viscous. The current price is ...
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