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Delicious, exotic beans and not fruit at all

Product: Sweet Tamarind Category: Dried & Candied Fruit Author: Sylvestercjx Author´s opinion:
Sweet Tamarind cost 2.5$, the box is very heavy, about half a kilo, well I made up my mind and tried exotic not expensive. It was produced in Thailand, in its homeland. The second name of Tamarind, so-to-say public one is Indian date. And by taste it really reminds date. In general, it is covered with a thin shell from the outside just like peanut, and perhaps everybody knows and has tried it. It is very easy to clean; inside there is a soft, fleshy fruit, which is actually an edible part. However it has got seeds inside and they are non-edible they should be thrown away. These very seeds are seen in the cut on the last photo, ...