Flakes are not bad, but not very pure

Product: Bistro buckwheat flakes, Skaneja Category: Cereals Author: Youltas Author´s opinion:
I eat porridges all the time, I have to do so due to my diet. All my life I should eat porridge daily, as a minimum for one meal of three is always porridge. So I tried absolutely all sorts of porridges accessible in shops. Of course not sorts themselves, but makers of these or that porridges, which I may eat. Today I want to write a review on Bistro Skaneja porridge. Right away I want to make a note that it’s flakes, not porridge. The difference is that porridge should be cooked for half an hour, and flakes are only covered with boiling water for 3-5 minutes and everything is ready for having a meal. I like such option much ...