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Tasty, cheaply, simply

Product: Set for baking a chocolate pie Malsena Category: Bakery Products Author: CR Author´s opinion:
The value of the set is 1.8$, for this money you get 2 packages with a ready-made mixture for baking a chocolate pie with your own hands at home. The first package serves the base or the dough if telling more simply, after the base is baked everything is stained on with the mixture from the second package, we get the chocolate base poured over with hot, watery chocolate. Rather tasty and very cheaply. In the store the ready-made chocolate pie/cake costs on the average from 7 to 20$. And again here we can proudly say that you have cooked it yourself, and who cares as for the details?

Pretty tasty and cheap

Product: Flour mixture for pancakes Malsena Category: Bakery Products Author: CR Author´s opinion:
It is a ready fast cooking mixture for pancakes. It’s really very convenient. You just add water and bake out pancakes. There is a mixture for 16 pancakes in the package, it costs about 1$. It seems you get home-made pancakes, but without kneading of the dough, delight for any housewife, who will always be able to proudly tell her husband that she has baked pancakes herself, while as a matter of fact she has simply poured the ready-made dough into the frying pan. But actually this is nice; just imagine how much time women can save and you’ll agree that the price is very humane, whether you bake pancakes every day, your ...