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New effective painkillers

Product: Advil Category: Pain Author: Maria Author´s opinion:
This medicine was prescribed to my husband after surgery for appendicitis to relieve joint pain. I haven`t heard about this medicine before so I was a little bit aware of the effect it can cause. But when I`ve read the annotation I calmed down. It hasn`t as many side effects as other painkillers have. It is rather safe. My husband said that it relieves pain perfectly. Once I had a terrible headache and I decided to try these pills instead of those that I usually consumed. I should say that they removed pain very quickly and it didn`t come back. Of course this medicine will suit not to everyone because of some components, but ...

Get rid of neck ache easily

Product: Planetary Herbals Minor Pain Relief Category: Pain Author: Ashley Author´s opinion:
Planetary Herbals Minor is pain relief product, which is widely used in Australia as well as the USA and Europe. As for its makers I can’t but agree with them as for its great quality for little price. It contains corydalis (brought from Chinese medicine), willow bark (as natural pain relief), hops (brought from European herbal healing traditions) as well as ginger. All the components mentioned compose a remedy from all kinds of aches, sooth minor pain and bring you health that you deserve. It seemed to me that it would help my father, and I did right thing to buy it. He used to have a neck ache after operation (he had ...