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The effect is good, for me – similar to lemon or ginger segment

Product: Preggie Pop Drops Category: Other Author: Rebbeca57H Author´s opinion:
My first pregnancy brought me quite extensive experience in toxemia. But I did not even try to relieve it believing it was a normal natural process I had to go through. The tastes in food were very deliberate, and the door of the fridge was forbidden to be opened at my presence (hated the smell). At the second pregnancy my husband brought me these drops even before the first symptoms of sickness appeared. Whether the toxemia was not that strong as the first time, or the effect of the Preggie drops was good – I felt much better, and my morning appetite never brought troubles. I took the drop after waking up, still in bed…But ...

I wish it would work faster

Product: Dramamine Motion Sickness Relief Category: Other Author: Cleta02Ciek Author´s opinion:
Dramamine is my preferable way to get rid of nausea and sickness on plane. I fly quite often, and I am very disposed to motion sickness. In my past I have tried numerous tabs with a similar action but still most effective for me are Dramamine tabs, their effect lasts for 7 hours…but I have to remember to take them a hour before. Usually I remember to take them already on the board and in this case the instant wave of nausea fills me up together with the plane gaining speed. My perfect dream is to find tabs with an instant effect. But probably this is my unique individuality. Anyway I still recommend Dramamine to anybody who ...

Essential thing in trips!

Product: Bonine Motion Sickness Category: Other Author: PaulineSrv Author´s opinion:
I and my both grown-up kids suffer from nausea caused by any motion (whether we travel by car, plane, train, or ship). Only if I drive myself I never get sick. In cases my husband drives or anyone else, it is a torture for me. So I always need to care beforehand to take a pill against sickness, even before short driving trips. I write this review to say that this Bonine protection is well-proved, I use it for long and it never failed. Those friends who also tried these pills by my recommendation admitted they worked. I am sure in its result, because for me it is very important to have the thing which really works. It is always with ...

Effective pills that are helping to get rid of motion sickness

Product: Vertisil Category: Other Author: MargretDeBavay Author´s opinion:
I had a terrible problem which brings a lot of difficulties into my life. I suffer from motion sickness. It may seem funny, but whenever I drive my car or travel by any type of transport, I feel awfully bad. My head aches and I feel sick, my skin becomes pale and lips are blue. As you can understand, I can`t travel at all. Once, my doctor advised me to try these pills. My attitude was skeptical. I couldn`t believe that pills can help me to get rid of these symptoms. But, as I wanted to improve my health, I decided to try them. This medication is said to have no side effects, so I decided that it is safe. When my husband and I went for a ...

Absolutely useless medication

Product: MotionEaze Sickness Relief Category: Other Author: SalinaGamez Author´s opinion:
I have two small children who are five and six years old. I think that any mom knows that the motion sickness is a real problem in this age. The same thing happens with my kids whenever we are travelling by car. I was tired to see how much they are suffering. So, I found this medication in the internet. It is said to be suitable for all the members of the family. I have bought it and decided to test. Next time, when we were travelling by car I applied it the way it was recommended on the package. My elder son said that these drops have pleasant smell and he liked it. Can you imagine how disappointed I was to find out that they didn`t ...

Raising the immunity with the help of natural tea

Product: Organic India Tulsi Holy Basil Category: Other Author: Alisa Author´s opinion:
Every autumn due to avitaminosis our immunity appears in a very bad condition and as a result we often catch cold and other unpleasant diseases. My friend who is constantly supporting healthy way of life said that it is very important to support your immunity during this period and she advised me to try this tea, which she is taking for several years. When I have read the annotation I didn`t believe that all these herbs and fruits can affect your organism anyhow. But she insisted in the fact that it really works. According to her words she forgot about cough and rhinitis for the time she is drinking this tea. I was intrigued ...