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Stop diarrhea

Product: Kirkland Signature Anti-Diarrheal Category: Diarrhea Author: Simona Author´s opinion:
I was going on a long trip and as always I was collecting all the necessary medicines with me. As I was going to visit an exotic country, I decided to take something against diarrhea. My sister gave me this medicine because she said that it helped her many times and it is rather safe for children. So, unfortunately I got sick and I was afraid to go to the hospital. The intoxication was rather strong and I remembered about these pills. I should say that they helped me very fast and I was so glad that I`ve managed with this problem without hospital and doctors, but later a new problem appeared. The next day constipation took ...

Zero efficiency

Product: Linex Category: Diarrhea Author: Todor Author´s opinion:
At first, I was quite impressed by this particular preparation. It was quite gentle on the intestines. However, after a couple of months, the quality was compromised. I don’t know if there was a change in the formula, however the one thing I’m sure of is that the preparation is no longer effective on the tummy. My recent purchase was made in Lithuania as was the case with the first purchase since it was available for sale at greatly discounted prices. My last purchase cost $6.00 Regardless of the low price, the preparation is less effective. The effects are akin to placebo effects. The current effects produced by ...