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The best to win my trust

Product: Senokot-S Category: Constipation Author: JimmyWhipple Author´s opinion:
I have tried a variety of laxatives for a long period that I have been suffering from the lack of bowel motion. All my medical researches give only one result – it is my natural peculiarity that I have to learn to live with treating it by the proper diet and physical exercising. I have found the best decision for me, it really raises my life level up to ten degrees higher. After changing one laxative to another I have finally tried Senokot, and I found it the best for my organism. It is very gentle in action, no aside pains or instant urges. I take one tab before night, I sleep always well (I have always slept well, actually, and ...

It was very effective for me

Product: Prunelax Category: Constipation Author: MargoEasty Author´s opinion:
I purchased Prunelax when I started to experience certain problems with regular defection. Earlier, until my 30, I never faced such a problem but the more stressful my job is the harder my bathroom issues are. I like Prunelax for its natural composition, and for sure I like how it works. I take 2 tabs before night as prescribes. But it is better to start with one if it is enough for your body. Since the problem appears from time to time I decided to take 150 count and not to worry I will have to search for it soon again. I do not take it every night, only in cases when my body tells me. It does work fast. There were nights when I was ...