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Good allergy reliever for adults only

Product: Chlorphen-12 Category: Allergies Author: Lora J Dircz Author´s opinion:
I heard very interesting theory according to which all our diseases come from situations when we are offended. Being offended we get colds, sore throat, headaches, and surely last but not the least allergies. Due to producers, Chlorpheniramine in 12mg package relieves the symptoms of hay fever and various upper respiratory allergies. They also claim that it should be used after asking a doctor and use not more than 2 tablets per day. But when you consult your physician he/she can give you the dosage necessary and effective for you. If you have high blood pressure, lucky you are, because the remedy doesn’t raise ...

Doesn’t work well with strong allergy

Product: Kirkland Signature Aller-Fex Category: Allergies Author: Gary A. Author´s opinion:
I bought this just because I was curious whether it will work better for me than the one I’ve been using for about month and a half or not. On the one hand, the producers try to convince that this 120 tablets package has strong anti-allergic effect, personally I didn’t notice any strong and quick relief I could very proudly speak about. On the other hand, I can’t tell you that it’s very bad, because it still works as a reliever, but not for very strong allergies. Antihistamine elements (like fexofenadine) that work against acting histamine help you to get rid of unwanted irritating allergy symptoms like itching ...

Anti-allergy pills with a strange side-effect

Product: Kirkland Allergy Medicine Category: Allergies Author: Feejo Author´s opinion:
Unfortunately, I am allergic to many things from food to different herbs, wool etc. So when it is fall outside and the leaves are falling, I start thinking what pills should be in my pocket to struggle with all that terribly annoying symptoms like runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing and reddening. I was very lucky when I found the allergy relieving product in my local drug store that cost me only 4$. I couldn’t imagine how perfectly it would work for me, as I never trusted cheap pills much. Thanks to the remedy I relieved from watery eyes, running nose and hay fever symptoms. “That’s happy ever after in love with this ...

Great and rather cheap allergy-reliever

Product: Allegra Allergy Category: Allergies Author: Katiss Author´s opinion:
Allergy is one of those health problems that make life so much difficult… I used to have terrible allergy for some flowers and food, but now I am lucky and enjoy my life to the full. All that has happened because I found the way to prevent all the symptoms: my running nose, sneezing, red itchy and watery eyes with a product I’ve recently bought from Amazon. Here I’m speaking about Allegra for adults in a purple package. Fortunately, I have bought it couple of months ago and it helped me a lot. I was going to write my positive review at once, but wanted to make sure that these tablets (by the way you get 70 tablets in a package ...