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New one is well-forgotten old one

Product: Marilena, Avon Category: Handbags, wallets Author: Linda Author´s opinion:
"Marilena" bag - is a novelty of 2013. If several years ago Avon made shy attempts to sell haberdashery, than today bags of different types, colors and models look at us from the catalogs’ pages. "Marilena" bag - is a thought-over, weighed and serious bag with a hint of Retro. The bag is of pleasant beige, almost flesh color. It closes with the help of a valve on a golden turning lock, which is fixed with a karabiner on a small chain. Frankly speaking, I don’t like such tuning much. As for me the chain only impedes. Thanks God it can be unfastened. The bag is of classical variant. The aperture height of the handles ...

Perhaps, it’s only a good idea

Product: Handbag “Secretary”, Avon Category: Handbags, wallets Author: Lunar_Princess Author´s opinion:
A handbag “Secretary” - is a novelty of the catalogue of the 2013. This thing is released by Avon Company so that to lighten women lives. Right from the name of the handbag it’s understood that it is designed to organize the space and to make order. It is so. The “Secretary” bag — is a mini bag, which has to play the role of a big make-up bag. The bag is absolutely black. From one side, it has two identical little pockets on the outside, from the other side – four – one big and three for oblong objects like a pencil or pens. The handbag is made from a synthetic material - 100% polyester. It looks like a simple black ...

Bright, stylish and very practical to use

Product: Purse “Passionate feelings”, Avon Category: Handbags, wallets Author: Lora J Dircz Author´s opinion:
At first, I do not like the heart theme, but I came to like this purse with a heart instantly. This purse "from ear to ear," is closed using a zipper. Lock has a half-belt of the same material from which the purse was made. Inside the purse is a classic: you will find a zipper pocket for coins, which divides the purse into two compartments where you can place money. On the one hand, there are 4 pockets for credit cards. This may be enough for credit cards and, but hardly for a lot of  discount cards. The tab inside duplicates the country of origin. However, I do not have any problems with this at all. What is the ...