Repair Tools

Excellent set of German drills, but you need to pay for high quality

Product: Bosch x30Ti drills in set Category: Repair Tools Author: Sylvestercjx Author´s opinion:
Every man should have a definite set of instruments at home, so-to-say a minimum required. As far as I can understand, drills is the part of this minimum as well. And you know you need borers for the drill. I have bought drill of Bosch company, though earlier I used to have Ryobi, surely Bosch is like heaven and earth compared to it. So not thinking much I decided I should also take borers of Bosch. I don’t often use drill, so one purchase of expensive borers won’t strain me much. I chose the set consisting of 30 objects, besides, which are put in very comfortable, hard case. There are borers of diameter from 1.5 to 8 mm in ...

Top quality Bosh = quality of work

Product: Bosch GWS 24 — 230 JBV Category: Repair Tools Author: Algis Author´s opinion:
The grinding tool Bosh became the most favorite tool when it is necessary to cut something or to saw. Despite its big dimensions there is less vibrations when you use it which means I can use it for a long time. The tool is sharp on metal and it turns out with this equipment this is done perfectly. Using special nozzles it is possible to saw a tree. For change of disks it is better to use a fast-tightening nut, since it will ask for a suitable key. In three years the power cord was the only broken part. But there is a question of accuracy in work, instead of quality of the tool.

A convenient and simple screwdriver

Product: Hitachi DS 12DVF3 Category: Repair Tools Author: Richard Speidel Author´s opinion:
Screwdriver it is quite necessary and a very economical tool. If need to repair anything then you have the tool you need in your own hands - this thing is simply necessary to take with you anywhere. I often used an electric drill - I would use an electric drill for all repairs that I need to make but unfortunately I was always bothered by its weight and keeping the power cord away when I worked. My search led be to a Hitachi DS12DVF3 screwdriver. This is a fairly inexpensive model and is different from the professional tools that I used to use with its weight as well as its power. It included two batteries of 1.4 ampere, ...