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Excellent set of German drills, but you need to pay for high quality

Product: Bosch x30Ti drills in set Category: Repair Tools Author: Sylvestercjx Author´s opinion:
Every man should have a definite set of instruments at home, so-to-say a minimum required. As far as I can understand, drills is the part of this minimum as well. And you know you need borers for the drill. I have bought drill of Bosch company, though earlier I used to have Ryobi, surely Bosch is like heaven and earth compared to it. So not thinking much I decided I should also take borers of Bosch. I don’t often use drill, so one purchase of expensive borers won’t strain me much. I chose the set consisting of 30 objects, besides, which are put in very comfortable, hard case. There are borers of diameter from 1.5 to 8 mm in ...

Paints are good but the palette is not true to life

Product: Color palette of paints Coronado Paint Category: Paints, Varnishes & Glues Author: AMG65 Author´s opinion:
Recently we were making a repair in our apartment and decided to paint the walls with Coronado paint. We were choosing the colors from the official palette. Builders warned us that the colors on the wall will be two shades darker than they are in the palette. We considered this fact while choosing the colors. So we have chosen three different colors. Though the colors appeared to be not only darker than we have chosen. They looked quite different from colors in the palette. I was comparing the colors thoroughly and I noticed that there were some similarities but they were not very precise. For example peach color looked ...

A lot of modes it’s useful and convenient

Product: Grohe shower faucet Category: Faucets Author: James Montgomery Author´s opinion:
This is a rather expensive Grohe shower faucet, the German one cost about 300$. I bought it when I was doing an apartment repairs, this faucet has 5 work modes: 1. Normal — the normal mode, water with an average pressing runs from all spray nozzles. It’s the classical mode which is even hard to describe, the majority or shower faucets work in it by default. 2. Champagne — mode literally translated as champagne, water very much mixed with air, well, slightly resembles the way champagne let overflow the edge of the bottle if shaken and opened by its look, runs from spray nozzles located closer to the middle. ...

Classic faucet for bidet is the best choice

Product: Grohe 33244 Category: Faucets Author: Eric Author´s opinion:
I have bought this Grohe faucet for a bidet rather long time ago, it has worked for 2 years without any hints on any malfunctions. Grohe is a German company and the faucets are made in Germany with the highest quality. The faucet has got very smooth course of water adjusting knob, SilkMove technology seem to me. Truly, it differs a lot from ordinary faucets, it is adjusted very smoothly. The little lever is also regulated in quite a big range, very comfortably. There is an aerator, which really works, and is not just installed for beauty. Nothing in these 2 years has anywhere been rubbed, chipped and rusted, the quality, ...

Classical bidet, you get used quickly

Product: Cersanit Category: Bidet Author: Feejo Author´s opinion:
Somehow I had lived almost 30 years without a bidet, but when it appeared in my life, I realized that in vain I hadn’t acquired it earlier. From the hygienic point of view bidet rocks, it allows to save time during carrying out daily hygienic procedures, when you have no wish or just no time to climb into the shower or just after the visit to the toilet. The only thing you will need is a bath/toilet of a little bit bigger size as a standard one, bidet occupies a decent place, though for such a case it is possible to enlarge an old toilet in old house during a thorough repairs. If we speak about Cersanit brand, than I have no ...

A complete crap, broke in a month

Product: Gustavsberg Coloric 21905123 Category: Faucets Author: Richard Speidel Author´s opinion:
Gustavsberg seems to be very famous and ancient firm, specializing on sanitary equipment. I don’t know whether I got the unlucky model or spoilage, but this faucet didn’t work even a month. It is no doubt fine, but upon this its pluses end, the tilt is very inconvenient, you can only wash hands, but uncomfortably too. In general it’s inconvenient to wash oneself with this faucet, as it blocks up half of a washbasin and hinders to bend the head forward. As a matter of fact the adjuster of water presser has broken down, you turn on the water and the faucet doesn’t hold the adjuster on the set level, it goes back to the closed ...

One of the best doorlocks

Product: Lock for the front door Mottura Category: Locks & Hardware Author: Eric Author´s opinion:
When making repairs in the apartment, there is always a question as to what choice of door locks to use. Without hesitation, I choose the door lock of Mottura company, an Italian company specializing in locks. This is the highest quality lock and also has some kind of program changes constantly, to prevent breaking by means of search. However, casting the key is not possible. For instance, it will not be able to reveal to you in any way. So, if you lose your keys, you will have to sew with the help of special equipment, because they just do not work. The doorlock is the key card programmer, you have to call the dealer and ...

Top quality Bosh = quality of work

Product: Bosch GWS 24 — 230 JBV Category: Repair Tools Author: Algis Author´s opinion:
The grinding tool Bosh became the most favorite tool when it is necessary to cut something or to saw. Despite its big dimensions there is less vibrations when you use it which means I can use it for a long time. The tool is sharp on metal and it turns out with this equipment this is done perfectly. Using special nozzles it is possible to saw a tree. For change of disks it is better to use a fast-tightening nut, since it will ask for a suitable key. In three years the power cord was the only broken part. But there is a question of accuracy in work, instead of quality of the tool.

A convenient and simple screwdriver

Product: Hitachi DS 12DVF3 Category: Repair Tools Author: Richard Speidel Author´s opinion:
Screwdriver it is quite necessary and a very economical tool. If need to repair anything then you have the tool you need in your own hands - this thing is simply necessary to take with you anywhere. I often used an electric drill - I would use an electric drill for all repairs that I need to make but unfortunately I was always bothered by its weight and keeping the power cord away when I worked. My search led be to a Hitachi DS12DVF3 screwdriver. This is a fairly inexpensive model and is different from the professional tools that I used to use with its weight as well as its power. It included two batteries of 1.4 ampere, ...