Very important for men’s personal care

Product: Hair clipper Philips QC5053 Category: Hairclipper Author: Gary A. Author´s opinion:
Since cost of hairdressing services are constantly growing, I decided to learn the hairdresser profession for serving myself. To do this, I bought a hair clipper, Philips QC5053. Since I don't have high requirements in my own appearance, I feel myself free to experiment. At first, I read the instructions very carefully. I found out that the clipper can be used with or without an adapter. In wireless mode, the clipper can run 35-50 minutes when fully charged, which is very convenient for travel. Besides that, the device is equipped with all the appliances necessary for cutting: - Attachments (2 different ...

Good but not worth the money

I saw these capsules on sale for a long time, but bought them only when there was a discount on the product. In the plastic box, there are 15 double capsules for 15 washings. They are water-soluble capsules, laid with linen in the washing machine drum. I've used for several washings already and can say that it makes the color of the wears really bright, but the spots are staying almost as is, so the claimed stain remover effect doesn't works. The smell is quite nice and not too harsh and after washing, it is almost non-existent. Packing itself is very convenient, because you can't spill out anything like in dry powder or ...

My absolute favourite gel for washing

Product: Liquid detergent Perwoll Care balsam, Henkel Category: Household Chemicals Author: Linda Author´s opinion:
The Perwoll gel for washing quickly removes stains. It is good for washing all forms of materials such as washing of black or white wash for wool. It's a real German quality exclusively for washing any non-heavily soiled materials. It also washes some stubborn stains, grease, and others. But in fairness, it does not remove spots without high temperature wash with bleach or boiling. The product has an unobtrusive smell, it is also rinsed well from the laundry and washes with great care. I am very happy with this tool, so I strongly recommend it.
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