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Everything is OK except for a terrible smell

Product: Windshield washer fluid SIA T.U.L.A Category: Car Accessories Author: MinL Author´s opinion:
In the winter I buy the windscreen washer fluid like every driver. Besides, I try to buy products of different manufacturers because I just love trying new things. This Latvian fluid without a name can be translated as non-freezing liquid for car glass. The price is about 8.40 USD which is generally not very expensive, an average market price. This fluid really doesn’t freeze at -20⁰C. I was using it last year and checked it. I think at -25-30⁰C it will start gelling a little. This weather, however, you don’t usually need the windshield washer fluid. The windshield washing quality is high, it doesn’t leave any ...

Perfect German quality and simplicity of installation

Product: Aerolift wind & rain deflectors Category: Car Accessories Author: Todor Author´s opinion:
Lately I bought wind deflectors for my car, because it’s impossible to drive without them, I thought I would get used, but after I was splashed something at my face, I decided to buy wind deflectors. As next time not water but stone can fly in the eye, so it’s better to pay up 150 euros for complete set of wind deflectors on all 4 windows. There is an instruction and a small pack with two catchers. The quality of how the wind deflectors are built is ideal there are no uneven parts or something of this kind. The installation is possible in three ways as the Germans have considered all possible variants, and all the ways are ...