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Guide-book along the Gavdos Island

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Gavdos island — is a small dot on the map of Greece, the most southern Greek island, and genuine Mediterranean paradise for lovers of calm life and solitude. This tiny plot of land separated by 40 km strait from the huge Crete is covered by sun burnt rocky hills, stunning sandy beaches, little Mediterranean shrubby groves and has absolutely no high-rise buildings, heavy traffic and noisy cities. All in all, it’s perfect for anchorites… The history The history of Gavdos covers many centuries. The island had constantly been populated since Neolithic age. Almost all ancient Greek and Roman poets and writers ...

What you can visit in Barcelona in one day

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Barcelona is one of the most important transportation nodes of Spain, so many travelers find themselves in this city passing by. That’s what happened to me, I had only one day between my flights. And though the city undoubtedly deserves that you could dedicate it not one week, I had to choose, what I can see in capital of Catalonia, so that to get an impression about the city during short time. Perhaps, my experience will be useful for other travelers, turned to be in Barcelona for the first time. Comfortable shoes Money Scheme of the subway or GPS with map of Barcelona, if ...