How to decorate children’s sundress using colored buttons

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Every parent knows that children´s clothing should be of high quality and must also be comfortable. It is also important that kids like their clothes, and that they wear their clothes for pleasure. Here is a specific example - a good comfortable denim sundress, which is beautiful according to mother's opinion, was absolutely disliked by a her little daughter. To avoid conflict of generations, it is possible to remedy this with the use of colored buttons. You may decorate the dress so that it will match the taste of a mother and a daughter. Multi-colored ...

How to manage acute vomiting in children

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When baby is sick, most moms hit a panic and start frantically to remember what  spoiled or expired products did baby eat. Some rush to do gastric lavage and start giving their child medication. But this is not always the best approach. In addition to the vomiting caused by infection, poisoning, disruption of the internal organs, the child may have bouts of "benign" vomiting which are not associated with serious diseases. For example, your child can get carsick when riding the bus. Sometimes children will induce vomiting, thrusting his fingers deep into his mouth. This can happen just out of interest, ...