How to develop a child’s logic and fine motility skills with the use of beads

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A child starts developing his identity independently from the first months of life. At first he is contented with simple subjects, he twists his fingers and even tries to shift from one hand to another to hold his feeding bottle. Then his skills are perfected by means of a spoon, a pencil or a brush. Children usually play with these with great pleasure. Therefore a mother can turn this training process into a fascinating game. Today I would like to suggest a way to  accelerate the motility of a child. For this purpose you may use a bead lace. It includes a lace (its best if you use a small strand only) and a set of ...

How to protect children from sweet

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Almost all children love sweets, from chocolates, biscuits, waffles to any other sweet goodies. You can find sugar in almost all kinds of sweet foods. Unfortunately, sweets can dangerously affect the health of your child. Sweets are harmful not only because of the glucose content but also the various food additives that come with this kind of food. Food additives and preservatives may cause allergies and skin irritation. Your child’s teeth are also affected by eating sweets as well as the possibility of gaining excess body weight. Patience is the key to keeping your child ...