How to clean the chamois shoes easily

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There are numerous ways to clean chamois shoes: from the expensive and medium priced store bought cleaning agents to the simple ammonia and vinegar. But these aids are more suitable in case if the shoes have already become extremely dirty. But what shall we do if they have just got a bit dusty? That is what happened to my favorite half-boots of light chamois. I was told a nice method to clean chamois shoes simply and without soaking them (which is ruinous for chamois leather) and without spending too much money for this operation. A clothes cleaning ...

What To Consider When Digging Trenches

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Digging trenches is not an easy task. You need manual labor or hire diggers to do it, but the mechanization of work will help you save time. The area in which the trench is dug Machinery or diggers It is essential to know the ground you will dig. Sandy trench walls crumble easily and sometimes you'll have to excavate the trench. Depending on the complexity and amount of work, an excavator trench or pit is used. There should be an availability of trucks for removal and disposal of excess soil. When digging a trench for the ...