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How to make an origami cat out of paper

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These cats are mischievous and capricious they are also affectionate and obedient. Just like origami seals: when you make these cats for the first time you may find it hard. But with the use of paper you can make colorful and cute cats. So let's start working to make these slender cats. A small slip of paper with a ratio length/width of 1:3 (eg, 2.36x7.08 inches or 6x18 cm). Check the folds if the side of the paper is in different colors to make a colorful cat. Fold the strip of paper in half. Each of the sides should also be folded into half ...

How to make a toy cat-pompon out of wool yarn

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If you look at this crumb-kitten, the similarity with a large fluffy ball of feline is clear! You can create a kitten made out of balls of yarn easily with these steps. Wool threads Cardboard Scissors Pieces of nylon stockings Padding polyester or cotton On top of children's hats, pompons are used as decorations. Pompons are round, fluffy balls. We'll try to made a kitten from such a soft and round pompom. There are two threads of yarn which color is the best for a kitten. To make a ball of yarn, use two cardboard circles with a ...