How to cook traditional cranberry sauce to turkey

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It is established that to the poultry one serves sour-sweet sauces, cooked of sour berries (cranberries, red currants, and red bilberries etc.) adding sugar, spices, red wine or brandy. Traditionally, on Thanksgiving Day cranberry sauce is served along with the turkey. Many people buy it already precooked in cans, though it’s very simply and quickly to make it yourself. Cranberry - 10 oz (300 g) Sugar – 5 oz (150 g) Peel of one orange Juice of half of an orange Brandy (cognac) – 2 tablespoons We wash the cranberries out with ...

How to prepare creamy sauce with chicken and mushrooms

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One of my favourite dishes is chicken and mushroom. This type of dish can be prepared as a side dish and served with virtually any kind of food. This meal can be prepared without efforts. Ingredients required for this dish will not take a lot of time in order to get ready. Perhaps the only things which you need to purchase in advance are mushrooms and chicken. Fresh mushrooms (champignons for example) - 7 oz (200 g.) Parsley or dill greens Chicken breast Salt and pepper to taste Flour - 1 tbsp Onion - 1 piece Cream or milk - 7 oz (200 g.) Vegetable ...