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How to boil and easily shell quail’s eggs

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Cooking of quail’s eggs has a little difference from cooking of simple eggs, at the same time some differences still exist. For example, it’s almost impossible to get a liquid yolk, and to clean boiled quail’s eggs is more difficult than to clean common chicken eggs. But when you’ll get used to that, you will get a tasty, healthy and rather dietetic dish. Quail’s eggs Little saucepan I have no idea why, but among bought quail’s eggs we see dried-up eggs with badly broken shell more often than among their chicken eggs comrades. Such eggs we ...

Pecans – nuts of American Indians

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Every species of nut usually has its own interesting history, as people used nuts from the very ancient times, when they were one of the main foods. During the time of collecting our remote ancestors looked for eatable fruits, berries and nuts in the area where they lived. American pecan nut is not an exception, its first admirers were the ancient Indians, who not only used it for food, but collected it as well. The pecan has some more names: pecan hickory, carya illinoinensis and carya pecan. All these names mean the deciduous tree, reaching the hight of 30-40 metres and letting out beautiful aments with tiny ...