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How to make matte nail polish with a smooth transition of colors

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It is very fashionable to wear a so-called gradient nail design this season, where one color gradually changes into another. It looks beautiful and impressive and it is simple to make. Two harmonizing colors of nail polish, for example burgundy and purple Matte covering (finish layer) Sponge Cotton buds to correct errors Apply burgundy lacquer on nails. Now comes the main part - creating a smooth transition. Apply a purple lacquer on sponge. Transfer the sponge paint on a nail with burgundy polish with light ...

How to make lips look fuller and more seductive

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This is how to make your lips look fuller and more seductive even when you are just using simple makeup. This is suitable for everyday use. Lipstick Lip pencil Lip gloss Lip balm Facial tissue Mirror Before using your favorite lipstick, cherish your lips with lip balm. While the balm works on your lips, you can apply makeup on your eyes for example. The balm will allow the lipstick to be absorbed by your lips better. Then take a lip pencil to outline the lips. It should be a little darker than the lipstick you are ...