Review of Nokia Lumia 1020 Smartphone

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Content: Introduction Design, ergonomics and battery Display Software and communications Camera, examples of photos and videos Conclusions Introduction This smartphone or rather cameraphone is a logical progression of Nokia 808 Pure View, which was surely good in everything as a cameraphone, except of its OS, as it had useless Symbian that is "dead" at the moment. Lumia 1020 is a logical offer of Lumia 920 and in general is not much different from it, as there is almost no competition among smartphones on Windows Phone. So there is no big sense to improve radically technical ...

Review of the Sony Xperia Tipo ST21i smartphone

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Content Introduction Design, ergonomics and battery Display Software and communications Camera, sample photos and video Conclusion Introduction This smartphone belongs to a low budget level or initial level, if to speak from a marketing point of view. Nevertheless, it possesses all attributes and smartphone functions. This device has an original design that is uniquely Sony; this design is so unique and may also be evident in Sony's Xperia Mini. The most important and main plus of this smartphone, is its price. Sony has managed to come up with an affordable price tag, at the time ...

What to do when cell phone is submerged in water?

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Time is your enemy when your cell phone is submerged in water; even a few more seconds can make a difference in salvaging your phone. Here is step by step information that can help you save your phone that has been dropped in water: Phone Soft towel Distilled water Alcohol Retrieve your phone as soon as you can. Once you have your phone, remove the battery form the battery compartment. Don’t bother to turn the power off, just take the battery out. Dry the battery with a soft towel and set it aside. The battery may or may not be able to work ...