Overview of Game Steering Wheel Steel Series SRW-S1

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Almost every one of us loved to play with a radio-controlled car as a child. Of course many have forgotten what a joy it was. May be now is right the time when it’s worth recalling - how it used to be? The ideal way for that is to buy a new product of SteelSeries SRW-S1, which is a game controller in the form of a steering wheel. Is it worth buying an expensive device? How can a steering wheel function without using a stand and why do the fingers of Formula 1 drivers ache – I will try to answer all these and other questions in this overview. Let’s start! The look and description of the elements The steering wheel is ...

How to assemble a laptop cooling pad by sample of CoolerMaster NotePal U3 model

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I bought this stand the first time and I have just assembled this for the first time. Taking into account that i have no technique knowledge, i would prefer to have more detailed instruction than one provided by manufacturer. I've managed that task gradually, but i'd like to share my experiences and impressions  with those who have no technical capabilities like me. Although I have assembled a specific model, but the same principles are applied for the majority of laptop's cooling pad models. Parts for assembling Any, even the clumsy ...