Cleans pipes for a few hours: Pipe Cleaning Gel Apta X-trem

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After renovations in the apartment we got a terrible clog in the bathroom drain pipe: water was coming out and remaining on the surface. A force cup, that is sold in the modern tool shops, suits only for hunting flies on the window, but not for its real purpose. Thus I started searching for an effective pipe cleanser. In the store I was advised to buy a soda-based gel of Apta X-trem. I had no idea of the brand but the price was quite reasonable and I decided to try it. I started “clean pipes” mission at night. I wore gloves, pressed and screwed the lid, with very accurate move I poured out the gel without contact with the bath ...

Worth its high price: Aromachology Eau de Parfum Spray

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The spray which I’ve recently tried is wonderful in terms of soft scent and refreshing effect. It seemed to me that the product worth its price (I paid 100$ for the bottle). I felt the hints of floral consistence like white lily, some vanilla and caramel which make up feminine flirty flavor. This brand worth to be discussed a lot as it has the whole line directed to sensitive, positive and creative women. Makers claim that you can feel refreshing energetic scent with after-shower effect of Angel using de Parfum throughout the day (or at least for about 8 working hours). But to my greatest disappointment it wasn’t ...

I didn’t have better camera yet!: Genius Look 1320 v2

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It’s a perfect camera I’ve been using it for about two years. Before it I had other, but in comparison with Genius they are nothing. I am very satisfied with my choice, the quality of video transition is great. The quality is very easily set up, even photos are wonderful. Connection and installation don’t have any difficulties. There is a very convenient button for taking an instant photo. The microphone which is in the camera picks up sound better than my laptop’s microphone. While using it I have never had any breakages or any other kinds of problems. The only negative point of the camera is that it doesn’t have a pin. ...

Thick cream with pleasant aroma: Night hand cream with shea butter, Moltobene, Bene Premium

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I’ve chosen cream by Moltobene mostly because it has high percentage of Shea butter, which I love tenderly. And I didn’t make mistake in my choice. The first thing I like in this cream is its small lid. The lid is really nice – massive and quite heavy, as if it says – I am expensive. The cream itself is not worse than its package – it is rather dense, thick, with clear pleasant odor, reminding a rose. Despite its density, it is absorbed rather well, though not too fast. It softens and nourishes hand skin, doesn’t dry it.

Multifunctional agent for your lips: Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Exfoliation Lip Salvation

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Hello. I’d like to tell you a little bit of agent that I’ve been constantly using for almost a month. I love spa procedures and all kinds of skin care agents, but here I’d like to mention cream for lips, which to my mind costs my special attention. Makers of Henriksen lip salvation promise us natural free of petroleum exfoliating effect for lips. And the way I see it, all the components, including African red tea, cranberry seed oil, fruit extracts, oil of jojoba, and flaxseed oil work perfectly for our lips skin. Besides, it gives some medical treatment (as I used it when I had a cold sore on my upper lip). As far as ...

It copes only with the specific spots: Remover for lady’s underwear Sarasaty, Kobayashi Seiyaku

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I ordered this remover in the Internet shop selling goods from Japan. I’ve tried it in some washes and now I can judge about this product. The remover is effective only with the spots that the regular women troubles leave. It is useless with the other spots – from tea or sweat. Frankly speaking, I didn’t test it on other albuminous spots, there was no need in it. Nowadays there are numerous sanitary towels, that’s why such spots emerge really seldom (as for me). I think this bottle will last for a long time. On the one hand, the remover is not bad, on the other hand – if you immediately rinse the dirty underwear in cool ...

I’ll put 11 points to this cream!: Night care for your hands Yuskin А night care set

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This cream can hardly be attributed to the great tactile pleasure. It is yellow in color, quite dense and has a distinctive smell of camphor. I cannot say that the smell is disgusting, but somehow you did not expect such a thing. It is not a massage cream for the back anyway. But the effect is considerable. The cream is quite well absorbed, despite the dense texture, and the fact that special gloves are included. This cream can be used as a night mask for hands but I didn't try this thing. I just applied it as a common cream but not in a very thick layer and massaged my hands and cuticle. In a weak after application my skin has ...

Original cosmetic and I liked it!: Moisturizing and nourishing lotion Zettoc Egf Re-Cept Skin Lotion, ZTC

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Cosmetics Zettoc of this series include EGF (epidermal growth factor). In general,the composition is very rich. There are a special form of hyaluronic acid, collagen with elastane. There are emulsion and cream in the line of lotion. First of all,I was surprised by the texture of the lotion. Somehow I got used that lotion is liquid like water or like tonic. But this lotion has a texture of a very liquid gel. It has a weak pleasant smell.Very convenient and easy to apply,and is well absorbed. I have used the emulsion of the same series after this a lotion. These cosmetics are especially good if to apply them after acid ...

Mediocrely gommage: Cosmetic for deep cleaning of pores L`epoze Esthe Gommage, PDC Lepoze

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In my affection for Japanese cosmetics, I certainly could not ignore the gommage. Gommage is a mild peeling-roll. Usually it is applied in a thin layer as a mask, then it is dried on a face and gently rolled. Lepoze Esthe Gommage works exactly according to the same scheme. It`s texture is very dense, but it is well distributed on the face. Light gray-green in color, with a smell that slightly reminds me kaolin (white clay). If you put a little bit thicker layer it will be drying up rather long. Yes, it cleans the skin but not very well. If you have enlarged pores and oily skin then the effect is not obvious. In general, I'm not ...

High quality and efficient mask: Acidic peeling mask Triple Peel 10 Mask, Obagi

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This mask I got in form of a tester buying the peeling gel, which I thoroughly wrote about here. I wrote in details about the consistence and my impressions from the peeling ibidem. So to be brief, I like the substance very much, I have been using it with pleasure and regularly for more than half a year. The mask distinguishes from the gel by its consistence – it’s dense, thick. There is a distinctive smell. The amount in the tester was enough for me to smear it 3 times on the face. And since superfluous movements - to smear, sit with it, than to wash it off strain me, I prefer Obagi peeling to be in form of a gel. But this is the ...