It gives brilliance and doesn’t increase the weight of hair: An oil for dyed hair LOreal Elvital Extraordinary Oil Coloured Hair

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The strange novelty from Loreal appeared - dry oil "Elvital oil". I have liked and had respect for the production of the company Loreal for a long time already. Not long ago they have produced series of dry oils for dyed hair. I like it because it contains quite expensive oils, if you buy them individually, but the price of the remedy is quite pleasant. Usually I don’t like any oils for hair as I feel they sleek hair and the volume disappears. However, the term “dry oil” has interested me. I will explain why. The specialists recommend treading this oil on full length of the hair directly before using a hot iron or a hairdryer. ...

Not very expensive but still effective heartburn remedy: Zegerid OTC

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What if people had some magic pills that could treat almost anything? When I’m trying to answer this question I become very confused due to the fact that I am obsessed with problems of my health and have never seen any pills of this kind yet. Instead I usually waste money on medicines that turn out to be not as perfect as advertised. But I can name you one medicine which in some way has helped me to treat my stomach. This is light blue and orange package of 42 capsules from my doctor’s prescription. Thanks to its ingredients such as: 20mg of omeprazole and more than 1000mg of bicarbonate sodium you can get instant help in ...

The best hair dryer from Philips!: Hairdryer Philips HP8270/00 ActiveCare

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I like even the look of Philips Active Care 2300W hair dryer, it is white, big and heavy enough, but it’s convenient to hold it in hands and I also like the way switchers are arranged, it doesn’t prevent when using it, the flex is long so you don’t have to stand near the socket. What is special about it is its ionization, which wonderfully effects on the hair, with its help hair scales close and become smoother, don’t electrify, shine. There is one more plus, it has got temperature sensor, when turned on, it doesn’t allow over dry hair and the temperature remains normal, not warmer, so that not to damage hair. I am simply ...

Fine immaculate face skin care: Naruko AMPM Skin Immaculate Duo

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Naruko Duo is one of those skin care products I’d like to speak about for hours. You know it’s rather difficult to find natural components in any cream, but as far as I’m concerned Japanese makers have done their best to compose cream worth to be discussed. Natural formula along with some other ingredients (I’m not too strong in chemistry, though cosmetics is my cup of tea) made my face skin soft and smooth, almost velvet. I did the following. I opened it by pressing down each of the dispensers once (if nothing happens, just press two times) and mixed the consistence 1 to 1. Than I applied it to my face gently massaging ...

I would eat this…: Body Lotion “Cocktail with pomegranate and mango”, Avon

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A body lotion called "Cocktail with pomegranate and mango" refers to a series of Naturals. This line of products contain a huge selection of cleaning and regular skincare products. These are my absolute favorites, products are packaged in some sort of bottles like drinking yoghurt. There is an assortment of fruit products in this line. Today I want to tell you about the product called "Cocktail with pomegranate and mango", since many consumers prefer products just because of their bright and rich flavor. Of course, I also didn't passed by that tasty "yogurt". The lotion has highest emollient ...

Ideal mouse for a laptop: Trust Centa Mini Mouse USB

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I was out shopping for a mouse for my laptop. I looked for an option of a simple mouse. And main thing was the wire! The design and ergonomics of mouse that I chose was pleasant. Apparently on a photo, the mouse still looks perfect to this day! A mouse only has 2 keys and scrolling wheel. The form is asymmetric so it will be suitable for lefthanders and right-handed persons. Very well and smoothly slides on the majority of surfaces. The cursor moves accurately. The mouse through standard USB port is connected. It is a pity only that there is no mechanism to take out the mouse wire.

How to cut the onion and not cry

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The onion is one of the most common spices. I like to add onions to salads and meat, not to mention the preparation of onion pie. Of course, if you have a processor or other mechanical means for slicing onions, you don't need to worry to about crying while preparing onions. What if these techniques are not ideal for preparing several pieces of onions? How do you cut an onion and not cry? This question troubled me for a long time. Over the years, tried all. I came to the conclusion that the same method may not help different people - that was the panacea to prevent crying but for a different brand it did not help at ...

Top 10 best BB creams

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The letters "BB" stands for "Blemish Balm, Beauty Balm, Blemish Base" - it is a means to mask imperfections. The famous "beauty balm" was invented by German dermatocosmetologist Christina Shrammek. It was originally a regenerating cream that helps to restore the skin's health after plastic surgery and serious aesthetic procedures. The cosmetic scene brought the BB cream in Asia. Korean makeup artists began to use it as a concealer, fluid, primer, moisturizing and mattifying cream. The first novelty in using personal make-up on themselves was tested by Asian stars. This wonderful tool has become a ...

How to grow celery greens at home (easy solution)

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Celery is very tasty and useful spice. It is available in three types: root where the main value is represented by a tuber, in the form of a reminding beet; the foliage where the course top part of a plant (greens); and the petiole, at which very thick sticks of the leaves are used. Celery greens is not so difficult to grow at home from a cabbage stump, right on window sill. Petiolar celery Flowerpot Soil Buy a celery. Pay attention that you are buying fresh, not dried up celery or vegetable that is beginning to rot. Look at this ...

How to manage acute vomiting in children

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When baby is sick, most moms hit a panic and start frantically to remember what  spoiled or expired products did baby eat. Some rush to do gastric lavage and start giving their child medication. But this is not always the best approach. In addition to the vomiting caused by infection, poisoning, disruption of the internal organs, the child may have bouts of "benign" vomiting which are not associated with serious diseases. For example, your child can get carsick when riding the bus. Sometimes children will induce vomiting, thrusting his fingers deep into his mouth. This can happen just out of interest, ...