One of the best and the cheapest thermoses for travelling: Thermos for products Hot & Cold Tescoma Family

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This thermos is meant for food and not for drinks. I have bought it in order to take meals with me, because I spend a lot of time driving the long distances. For example, when you are 100-300 kilometers away from the city, you don`t have a wide range of places where you can eat. Eating in local cafes is not suitable for me, because I don`t know which of them are good and which of them are bad. Health is more important that is why I don`t like to risk. That is why I decided to buy this thermos in the shop and it appeared to be very comfortable in usage. Its price is about 15$. Tescoma company is quite well-known by production of ...

Nice sodium free acid reducer: Kirkland Signature Lansoprazole

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When it comes to health we should be very careful. Strong mind can only be when the body is strong. Heartburn should be treated as disease. I think it’s quite difficult to find good medicines when you have such process going on in your body. Am I ironical here? Not at all. Recently I visited my doctor and wasn’t pleased too much when I heard that all the symptoms I had were because of my terribly unhealthy stomach and diet. So I went to local drug store closest to my house and bought these wonderful pills. The price is a bit confusing as you get 3 packs for only 17$. Moreover, not only the quantity (14 capsules in one ...

Eatable, but no more: M&M’s Maxi

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I have recently bought M&M’s to try, I liked it in my youth. Perhaps I am again finding fault with it, but it tastes of nothing, just small lumps of chocolate, wrapped up in icing. In fact kids should prefer them, they are colorful and there is a chocolate inside. The chocolate is by the way the most common, if you take a simple cheap milky bar of chocolate – here it is. The icing also doesn’t add any taste at all. Well, it will go fine with the tea of like a gift for a kid, it doesn’t cost much. What I am glad with is that though it is difficult spoil, chocolate is the same chocolate.

A complete crap, broke in a month: Gustavsberg Coloric 21905123

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Gustavsberg seems to be very famous and ancient firm, specializing on sanitary equipment. I don’t know whether I got the unlucky model or spoilage, but this faucet didn’t work even a month. It is no doubt fine, but upon this its pluses end, the tilt is very inconvenient, you can only wash hands, but uncomfortably too. In general it’s inconvenient to wash oneself with this faucet, as it blocks up half of a washbasin and hinders to bend the head forward. As a matter of fact the adjuster of water presser has broken down, you turn on the water and the faucet doesn’t hold the adjuster on the set level, it goes back to the closed ...

A convenient and simple screwdriver: Hitachi DS 12DVF3

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Screwdriver it is quite necessary and a very economical tool. If need to repair anything then you have the tool you need in your own hands - this thing is simply necessary to take with you anywhere. I often used an electric drill - I would use an electric drill for all repairs that I need to make but unfortunately I was always bothered by its weight and keeping the power cord away when I worked. My search led be to a Hitachi DS12DVF3 screwdriver. This is a fairly inexpensive model and is different from the professional tools that I used to use with its weight as well as its power. It included two batteries of 1.4 ampere, ...

Average quality with an average price: Logitech С510

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Shooting high definition photos is easy with 1280/720 pixels and an 8 megapixel camera together with a built-in microphone. You will get high quality footage and photos which are pretty good and the microphone is very effective it can even record noise coming from as far as the other rooms. This camera is equipped with a large monitor that is capable of making a 360-degree turn. Included in the box was a CD with drivers and useful programs that helped improve the quality of video and helped me use various photo effects to enhance my creations. In the first two years of using the camera I had no problems with it. There ...

How to deal with food poisoning

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The consequences of using low-quality products could be very dangerous. Within a few pleasurable hours of eating at the table your pleasure will be replaced by a sharp pain in the stomach, nausea or diarrhea. The best option is to see a doctor at once. But light food poisoning can be treated successfully at home; below you will find some tips on how to deal with food poisoning. Baking soda, mustard powder Medicines for diarrhea (Smectite, Imodium, Loperamide, etc) Activated charcoal or products based on it Drink plenty of warm water Medications for the ...

Luxury toy, but screen problem makes me crazy: Apple MacBook Air 11-inch MD223LL/A

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I purchased an Apple MacBook Air 11 to replace my  primary computer. Its functions were really "excellent." In some cases, even better than my previous computer. With a convenient touch pad, like a laptop, access to my files were not so had: it had solid buttons, made of glass, with multi touch capabilities, smooth multitasking capabilities, easy to use and convenient. This was more than a year ago but lately things became unusual when I sit down to use it. Its keyboard had issues. The buttons were easy to use before. There is a special highlight of pleasure you get from models from other manufacturers that you may ...

Just A “Super” Phone To Have!: Apple iPhone 4S

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I gave my girlfriend an iPhone for her birthday. The first impression I got from the phone when I picked it up was that it rests firmly on my hand; it rests perfectly on my palm. I especially want to note the excellent design of this smartphone, as well as excellent assembly. It has no hint of scratches and similar troubles. Next, I would like to mention the excellent 8MP camera which can take high resolution photos and video. I am also pleased with its good and powerful flash. Even in the evening we can take great pictures, which can be compared with the performance of an unprofessional camera. Its two core processor I ...