Guide-book along the Gavdos Island

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Gavdos island — is a small dot on the map of Greece, the most southern Greek island, and genuine Mediterranean paradise for lovers of calm life and solitude. This tiny plot of land separated by 40 km strait from the huge Crete is covered by sun burnt rocky hills, stunning sandy beaches, little Mediterranean shrubby groves and has absolutely no high-rise buildings, heavy traffic and noisy cities. All in all, it’s perfect for anchorites… The history The history of Gavdos covers many centuries. The island had constantly been populated since Neolithic age. Almost all ancient Greek and Roman poets and writers ...

This lower price has just bigger effect: Simply Right Ranitidine

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Nowadays, we can see and buy everywhere tons of medicines of all kinds. We usually tend to think what is more expensive is much more effective, but it isn’t always like that. Couple of months ago I tried maximum strength and rather cheap (only 15$) product that relieved my stomach from all the problems. The brand name compared with inexpensiveness frightened me at once, but than I took risk and bought it. It has about 190 tablets and works perfectly for people who have or vice versa don’t want to have stomach ulcer. Pills containing ranitidine prevent symptoms that are related to heartburn, sour stomach and ...

No complaints except high expenses on electricity: Steam humidifier Air-O-Swiss S450

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This big and powerful humidifier is placed in the main room. The humidifier works very loudly, it is of course a negative point, if you need silence — than the model isn’t certainly for you, as the level of noise is approximately the same as in boiling kettle, that is it’s heard all over apartment, you can get used to, but it’s difficult, it’s also impossible to diminish the power. It has got ECO mode, however it is a little deception, as it essentially lowers the desired moisture threshold, reaching which the humidifier turns off. The given model costs about 250$. We should notice that when it reaches the programmed ...

A lot of modes it’s useful and convenient: Grohe shower faucet

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This is a rather expensive Grohe shower faucet, the German one cost about 300$. I bought it when I was doing an apartment repairs, this faucet has 5 work modes: 1. Normal — the normal mode, water with an average pressing runs from all spray nozzles. It’s the classical mode which is even hard to describe, the majority or shower faucets work in it by default. 2. Champagne — mode literally translated as champagne, water very much mixed with air, well, slightly resembles the way champagne let overflow the edge of the bottle if shaken and opened by its look, runs from spray nozzles located closer to the middle. ...

A quality gadget for your smartphone!: Sony SmartWatch

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Almost every day in the vast market, new products are being launched. Sony is not behind progress and every year, it delights us with many novelties. In 2012, the company has released to its customers a new super smartphone and watch from the Sony Ericsson Live View, which is called SmartWatch and it presents a remote control for your smartphone. This high tech gadget can operate at a distance from your Smartphone, allowing you to reply to SMS, calls, listen to music, find a phone number, etc. This remote control is suitable for all devices on the Android platform. SmartWatch externally resembles a normal ...

Convenient and reliable iPad cover: Apple Smart Cover

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It is a piece of cardboard that can be bent in three places and create a triangular stand, but the height is not enough anyway. It is mounted on the magnet automatically, for instance, you just hold the edge of the magnet to the edge of iPad and it is grasped, holds very tight, holds the weight of the iPad 3 if hang and keeps it clean for the cover. One thing that makes this ipad cover great is that if you close the cover of the iPad, it immediately goes into sleep mode and when you open the cover it immediately wakes up which is why it is convenient. It is a strong enough cover and can withstand signs of wear and tear.

What is a water ionizer for?

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There are so many positive effects of using ionized water; many believe that it can help reduce premature aging, prevent illnesses and even reduce infections and diseases. Ionized water may also contain antioxidants that can reduce the effects of harmful free radicals in the body as well. A water ionizer is a kitchen appliance that can ionize water at home. water ionizer A method called electrolysis separates water into parts: the alkaline part and the acid part. Drinking water or tap water usually has large amounts of magnesium and calcium ions which are ...

This mouse is a nightmare, do not buy this product!: Microsoft Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 7000

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So you have decided to try a new cool mouse from Microsoft. I decided to buy a polygonal Microsoft keyboard. All my life I have wanted to own this kind of keyboard and when I got it, I immediately fell in love with it. It is very versatile and the movement is very natural. I decided to please myself and bought a high end product only to find out some disadvantages of my purchase. It works on a Bluetooth receiver and by plugging it into a  USB port of your computer you can use it easily. You can easily use it since all configuration is already set up. And even with this advantage the most distance without continuity of ...

This Camera Has Some Advantages: Olympus SP-510 UZ

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This is my first digital camera. I bought it four years ago and still use it. Then I had to make a choice. Take a light and small model but with poor image quality, or a little more, with the pop-up lens and 7-megapixel photos; I chose the second option. Picture quality is quite good you can even photograph a well lit area. It is not expensive as compared to other SLR. It magnifies the image up to 10 times without loss of quality. There are several modes of photo and video, macro, etc.With a powerful flash which is enough for long distance. However, there are no batteries. It has no battery, so you have to buy 4 ...

iPhone 4S Always On Top Of The Rest!: Apple iPhone 4S

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Frankly, I'm not a fan of the products that Apple is known for, but after purchasing the iPhone 4S, I am completely won over! First of all its wide, capacitive touch screen , with the parameters of 960 by 640. Perfectly the depth and the richness of color is the product of impressive individual pixels creating a totally beautiful picture. The retina feature is gorgeous. The device immediately responds to touch in any smartphone mode. The camera is also great with 8 megapixels, flash and autofocus. You can shoot clear images and videos in 1080p. It is fast and sleek when operated. Though it has no fundamental ...