The time-tested remedy: Acyclostad

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If you are one of those unlucky people who are aware of what the herpes is – you must have tried salves and creams containing acyclovir. Acyclostad is one of such creams, I always have a similar remedy in my medicine chest. If you start acting when the herpes has scarcely emerged on your lips – when there is only aslight burning sensation and numbness when touching – and begin using the cream, you can completely avoid the blisters. If the time is lost, you should apply the cream strictly according to the instruction, every 4 hours at least – in this case the effect will be guaranteed, the blisters won’t get wet and they will ...

Tasty, cheaply, simply: Set for baking a chocolate pie Malsena

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The value of the set is 1.8$, for this money you get 2 packages with a ready-made mixture for baking a chocolate pie with your own hands at home. The first package serves the base or the dough if telling more simply, after the base is baked everything is stained on with the mixture from the second package, we get the chocolate base poured over with hot, watery chocolate. Rather tasty and very cheaply. In the store the ready-made chocolate pie/cake costs on the average from 7 to 20$. And again here we can proudly say that you have cooked it yourself, and who cares as for the details?

Pretty tasty and cheap: Flour mixture for pancakes Malsena

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It is a ready fast cooking mixture for pancakes. It’s really very convenient. You just add water and bake out pancakes. There is a mixture for 16 pancakes in the package, it costs about 1$. It seems you get home-made pancakes, but without kneading of the dough, delight for any housewife, who will always be able to proudly tell her husband that she has baked pancakes herself, while as a matter of fact she has simply poured the ready-made dough into the frying pan. But actually this is nice; just imagine how much time women can save and you’ll agree that the price is very humane, whether you bake pancakes every day, your ...

A play car wheel just like father driving a car: Toy musical whee, JoyToy

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Because we have a boy, a toy in the form of a wheel was one of the most important toy that was in our mind basically since the birth. As a result we bought a musical wheel from JoyToy. It is made in China according to the license. There were two colors available — blue and red. The wheel is big, in the diameter of 10 inches (26 cm.). The rim was quite thick, but it is convenient to for a kid to hold. There are a lot of sounds — both ignition, and dispersal, sharp braking, and a horn. There are turn signals on the left to the right (thus the wheel will sound "turn on the left" and the bulb from the left side starts ...

Good and silent performer!: Candy C2 095

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We already have five washing machine Candy C2 095. It is simple and easy to manage, cost-effective and attractive in design. As to her performance over the years, there are no complaints. It is quite compact and has a roomy tank, which is convenient to put laundry, and it has a lot of different programs, suitable for almost all occasions even though I personally use only some of them. What's more important to me is that the machine washes well even at low temperatures and it's not very noisy when running. It only makes a sound during the spin cycle. In any case, compared with other washing machines that I have seen ...