Hair have become smooth and adorable: Tresemme Smooth & Silky Shampoo with Moroccan Argan Oil

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I wanted to make some change in my life and so I decided to get a new haircut. Though I love my long hair sometimes you become tired of constant changing of shampoo to go well with it. Never mind when people around are skeptical about many shampoos, just go and try like I did. Month ago I’ve bought Tresemme and never regretted. Thanks God I did try this shampoo. Due to its natural formula my hair doesn’t feel like being harsh and brittle any more. I mean I don’t feel them to be abnormal and unhealthy as I felt when my hair was tired of large number of cosmetic means I experimented on it. This 32oz black bottle deals with my most ...

Less damageable hair thanks to spray: Revlon Uniq One Hair Mask-Spray

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Nothing can be as exciting and mesmerizing as woman with beautiful hair. I become convinced of this every time I buy this or that product for my hair. I have long one, so the problem of split hands is one of the most vital for me. Several months ago I’ve bought 150 ml bottle of this wonderful hair spray and I’m still using it. All the benefits that producers insist on include: help in repairing of your damaged dry hair, complete control of frizzing, protection from heat, making your hair shiny, making it silk and smooth as well, making hair styling easier whether it is by using brushes or hot styling elements, ...

Sweet scent of moisturized hair: WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner

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I wonder how many things women need to make their hair look like those from pages of expensive glossy magazines. Anywhere you go you find thousands of offers to make your life easier, your hair more beautiful and it’s very easy to get lost in all the diversity of shampoos, air conditioners etc. I also take care of my hair a lot and I love experimenting. Recently I’ve bought one rather cheap cleansing hair conditioner (16oz. for only 35$) but I was a bit disappointed. Producers claim that this perfectly balanced consistence of herbs, water, gel of aloe vera, cherry bark, chamomile, rosemary and calendula extracts ...

How to do transplantation of house flowers

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I’ve received two house plants so-to-say as a "heritage": geranium and begonia. They were planted into one-time pots containers and the state of flowers was quite bad. Geranium is dried up a bit, begonia is slightly rotted. I decided that they should be instantly transplanted. I bought earthenware pots without polish (I suppose that in such pots flowers breathe better), dug up a little soil and bought another universal neutral soil for flowers in store and began transplantation. Flowers Neutral store soil Nature soil Ceramic pots Scissors Spoon Tank ...

How to make a flower from a satin ribbon

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Today I will show you how easily and simply make an exclusive bobby pin for your little child. Satin ribbon width of 1.5 inches (4 cm) Needle with a thread Scissors Buttons or beads for decoration Candle or lighter for fusing edges We cut the ribbon into squares. For one flower – five squares, that is you’ll get five petals. If you want richer flower, make more squares. We work up cuts above the candle or lighter. Burnt edges we fold to the middle. We press the bends with a finger so that they won’t unfold. We fold our ...

It is probably the best of all water filters: Water filter Electrolux EWFLJ1

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Frankly speaking, I was more preoccupied with the need to soften our extremely hard tap water than to purify it. It’s thriftless for me to buy expensive water purifying and softening systems: I’m temporarily renting the flat, and I have no idea of how long it will last. That’s why I’ve chosen something simple, cheap, but giving at least some effect of water softening. I’ve looked through the characteristics of many similar jugs, but my choice fell on this one, because, as it is mentioned in the annotation, its cartridge is designed for hard water with big iron and organics content. Besides, apart from the ...

Get rid of neck ache easily: Planetary Herbals Minor Pain Relief

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Planetary Herbals Minor is pain relief product, which is widely used in Australia as well as the USA and Europe. As for its makers I can’t but agree with them as for its great quality for little price. It contains corydalis (brought from Chinese medicine), willow bark (as natural pain relief), hops (brought from European herbal healing traditions) as well as ginger. All the components mentioned compose a remedy from all kinds of aches, sooth minor pain and bring you health that you deserve. It seemed to me that it would help my father, and I did right thing to buy it. He used to have a neck ache after operation (he had ...

Bouquet of fresh lilac in your room!: The perfume «Riga Lilac», Dzintars

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My Mom used to have such a perfume when I was at school and I liked it very much. When I saw that this perfume was still produced, of course, I couldn’t help buying it. The packaging is modest, the bottle is elegant, but not the way it used to be. But the scent is recognizable, the genuine bouquet of lilac. The flavor is not so lasting, it has to be renewed during the day, but I didn’t want to reduce the appraisal. My youth memories and the spring scent are much more valuable.

Soft and has delicious smell, what else do you need?: Lip balm Natural Aroma «Apricot», Dzintars

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This lip balm surprised me with its softness and smoothness. I have been using a lot of different lip balms but any of them is sensed differently during application, either it is rather sticky or small grains are felt or it is just sliding on the lips not very well. But as for this one everything is just the other way round. It is very soft and smooth as if you smear your lips with a piece of butter. It is not sticky and moderately oily. It smells like an apricot just as you were expecting. One more thing that surprised me was that there is no composition on the case at all. It is only mentioned that it contains UV filter. What kind of ...

How to decorate children’s sundress using colored buttons

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Every parent knows that children´s clothing should be of high quality and must also be comfortable. It is also important that kids like their clothes, and that they wear their clothes for pleasure. Here is a specific example - a good comfortable denim sundress, which is beautiful according to mother's opinion, was absolutely disliked by a her little daughter. To avoid conflict of generations, it is possible to remedy this with the use of colored buttons. You may decorate the dress so that it will match the taste of a mother and a daughter. Multi-colored ...