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standing woman dressed Grace Jin Pao, above Jin Pao,Tiffany Outlet, embroidered with gold thread sewn pattern, the status does not seem low, she also has a quite good appearance, but slightly thin lips, but it is faint trace of a point between the mean intended.
the woman beside him, a lazy man standing, holding the hands of Americans edged embroidered graph paper fans, Xin long men’s figure, looks quite handsome, but also reveals a divide between faint Xie Yi, eyebrows a bright red blood-like red dot, is that this was expanded Xie Yi Min times.
‘Yun Yun, the hour is up, the coming out!’
when that’s the sound of the bell chant slowly falling, narrow eyes that Jin Pao woman is slightly narrowed,Tiffany Outlet Online,
cold shouted.
Along with this woman Sheng Jin Pao fall, the air is coming from a broken Feng Zhisheng, and soon a white shadows, light swept from, then gently drop jade feet above the plaza.
white, shadows of light fell on the square, for a time, all of the farm again – light are transferred away, namely
it now is not the first time I saw, but a lot of people’s eyes, or the emergence of a touch of stunning color.
field,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, the woman in white white dress, black as ink three thousand black hair cascading down the loose, hanging to the room that waist, goes stunning face, do not ask if Yamamoto’s Fairy mundane,Tiffany Outlet, full of moving ethereal color, eyes circulation, the eyes have,Tiffany & Co Outlet, just the kind of bone marrow Qinru breeze clear, and not the slightest bit feisty.
this and other women,Tiffany Outlet, only four words, only describe.
fill China peerless.
etc. This style, in addition to those with years of Xiao Yan Yun Yun, respectively, but also what people? The scene a few years, so she was like that deep underground wine in general, more intoxicating, even, so that was kind of a long time people drunk and unconscious impulses.

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