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Court,Tiffany Outlet, if you can not with hostility,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, then naturally the best .
‘That being the case, it would be like to thank Don Guzhu up.’ Tang Zhen directed arch of the hand, Xiao Yan laughed.
waved Tang Zhen,Tiffany Outlet, a ping-hydroxy sighed, and said: ‘Do not thank me, all this is in the context of alchemy success,Tiffany Outlet, and even alchemy is successful, you can successfully take Skyfire Sanxuan change, they have to look at your ability. ‘
Xiao Yan nodded $ !, he naturally also be aware that there is no obstruction of the day you want the fire to get their hands Sanxuan become basically an impossibility.
‘Since there is no problem, then it is back to the room to invite you to take a break first, red fire & quot;.’ to see what the problem is no longer, Tang Zhen against elder waved red fire, which quickly out of line, when Baoquan the crowd laughed: ‘Gentlemen, please come with me.’
seeing this, go far Hsiao also stood up,Tiffany Outlet Store, facing Tang Zhen arch of the hand, then that is OK with the elders of the red fire works hall. With
Hsiao go far out of the temple, the large hall is becoming quiet, Tang Zhen smile on the face is slowly converge sigh of relief.
‘Daddy, you’re going to change the day of the fire Sanxuan owl post Dai this rock?’ the woman turned red, eyes look to the Tang Zhen,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, white teeth biting his lips, said.
‘Alas, fire children, you should know that the refining of immortality, how important to you, then you want to force the integration of Kowloon Lei Gang fire, but lead to anti-flame o $$, though saved his life, but ., but left a great consequences, if this continues, then no more than one year, you will be angry is exhausted, ‘Tang Zhen head exposed color of love, stood up and patted the woman in red Xiang Jian, said;’ I refining Mou this success is indeed immortality as rock owl said,

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