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. ‘bang! ‘
wait coveted color of these guys more expanded, Xiao Yan mind a move, and soon the three floating flame swept out, and finally the many horror sunlight, severely hit coming together.
three kinds of flame collision, an almost destroyed like atmosphere suddenly emerge quietly, but not until they spread an immense soul of coercion, that is, since Xiao Yan eyebrows violence Chung out, and then like a dragnet in general, the flame Mino exhaustively package, then the high-speed rotation away.
fusion flame, Xiao Yan is already very much at home, which moves in others it seems extremely crazy, but for him,Coach Outlet Store Online, it is a common practice, the integration of the destruction of fire lotus, comparable flame which will blend together to numerous difficulties.
along with soul force high-speed rotation, the three flame quickly in a way that is shocking eyes,Coach Outlet Store, quietly subsided, it lasts a few minutes later, soul force stop,Coach Outlet Online, about as big as a fist-sized brown wisp of blue flame,Coach Outlet, quietly and now …
flame appeared, Xiao Yan Xiupao is waved, which Zhen grazing brown blue flame quickly,Coach Factory Outlet, and then directly to the front of the naughty dark immortality to beat egg wrapped inside. ‘This! – Crazy guy’ ‘He wanted to destroy it immortality’?
Hsiao-yen’s move, immediately caused a stir the audience, many people looked incredible Xiao Yan, this guy, Dan wanted to destroy it?¬†Xiao Yan looked
move,Coach Outlet, distant bone Mu eyebrows old is suddenly jump jump, he vaguely between, suddenly felt a little bad. ” This -r ‘
high platform Xuankong son, who is also a look of surprise Is, after a moment, it touches on the first Meifu will over to God, their eyes shimmering, after a moment, suddenly whispered: ‘I do not know you still remember when the dust in medicine When refining eight items immortality, doing

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