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the crowd watched, quietly suddenly cracked crystal wall above a small crack, crack soon expanded rapidly, and finally in the eyes of the crowd surprised, bang, burst open.
in crystal wall burst open that Yi Sha, Xiao Yan Meng palms facing forward radiance of crystal fragments in a catch, a cool jade-like stuff that is landed on its hands,Coach Outlet Store, this time, Xiao Yan is no too much time viewing, it is directly incorporated into the nanoAmong ring.
poison broken last crystal wall, Xiao Yan feet a heavy tread the ground, physique is the first to storm swept away, in its wake, already prepared, Qingyang Gu,Coach Outlet Online, who is also heading for the haunting that Xiao Yan outside the boom out of the giant hole ……,
Xiao Yan extremely rapid rate, ‘blink of an eye is out of the channel, and then’ a sight at the end of the gray earth, they are now out of their field of vision ……,
this piece of land, the vast extremes, at first glance even see the end, there was not filled with too rich energy mist, but Xiao Yan their feet when riding here, but it is possible to feel a Unit of pure energy,Coach Outlet Store Online, ‘are rising along the soles of their penetration into the body, which was found’ direct is to get down all are stunned,Coach Outlet, immediately on the face, quickly took to touch difficult to contain surprises color, the tomb of the third floor that day,Coach Outlet, it really is far from the first two levels comparable with the energy poured into this, even if they do not find other nuclear energy, presumably also a good practice to get results.
‘Here is the day the tomb of the third layer line’
a pedestrian looked around his face delighted ‘that feeling of surviving,Coach Outlet Store, so that was a relief for all hearts are bitter.
And when all of whom relief, as if it is connected to the rear end of the huge curtain into the sky, but

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