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Looking at the whole body
road filled with a calm atmosphere of the ancient figure ‘in the eyes of Xiao Yan is passing touch dignified’ Although these energy body on a lot weaker than the body ‘but still not out of trouble, not to mention’ this Jiuxing energy body, but also have a lifetime of some Euro RSCG and fighting skills
‘where gangsters, get out! ”
Xiao Yan in the two looked at the energy body ‘under the latter heijia,Coach Outlet, but it is fierce glare broke out,’ This way never seen beside a palm grip, edged foot and a half people tall ax went out of their hands now, anger ax chop down ‘is a very huge winds tearing space, if the lightning fast Xiao Yan facing the direction where the storm swept from the duo.
‘, good keen sense * ……’ ‘
see this guy actually is, so quickly found the two of them ‘Xiao Yan eyes and smoked child is passing touch surprised’ physique of a move ‘is fast Shanlue and open’ to dodge the huge winds and open.
‘, bang ”
They dodge and open ‘the rock bitter winds Pizhong two deep’ into a powder which is explosive,Coach Outlet Online, fierce winds directly in the twinkling of an eye ‘still on the ground, leaving a few dozen ten feet long deep ditch full.
‘, hands-on ”
air,Coach Outlet Store, Xiao Yan stature flashed out,Coach Outlet Store Online, I heard a light drink, on the soles of the feet Yinmang flashes’ a channel blur emerge from the sky, and its stature,Coach Outlet, it is the blink of an eye in front of that heijia figure, a fingerprint change.
‘,Coach Outlet Online, jungle print! haiyin turn! ‘
Xiao Yan hands mudra ‘hand and a note printing method’ aggressive attack on the road since then exhaustively tilt heijia figure.
‘clang clang’ ‘
handprint energy boom in heijia figure fury Effort is directly heijia figure shook Annealing steps.
‘, gangsters generation ‘dare provoke deity!”
Xiao Yan is a face to face retirement boom

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