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power of the fire five rounds from the law it’ and so the extent of this, it really is comparable to the so-called The days of order fighting skills!
‘ancient demon ‘then I move to try!’ ‘ On
sky ‘that under the eye of Xiao Yan’ right hand holding ‘Taking wore huge colored fire dish’ loud shout, arm suddenly toss’ That very huge fire colored dish is brought up rumbling the sound of thunder, as if meteorites in general, across the sky, in the eyes of numerous road shock ‘on the TV drama ancient demon’ Baoshe away!
‘Firefly dare with bright moon glory! ”
in colored dish draw fire from breaking when the sky ‘that ancient demon is suddenly opened his eyes closed, sneer, slowly stretched out a finger, facing the void gently pressed down!
‘Perishable mean big! ” 1312th chapter ended!
accompanied by finger landed in front of the ancient demon void,Cheap Jordans Outlet, entire sky, as if at the moment down completely solidified, as self-jiu being an outgoing breath quiescence, ancient demon finger off the place,jordan shoes for sale, as hurricane swept out!
‘poison roaring!’ solidification
moment lasted between heaven and earth, is suddenly broken, distant sky above the thick clouds, but also at the moment rapidly creeping up between faint, seem to have something terrible about to break in the clouds in general.
‘cross-fire, although strong, but my family’s ancient days of order fighting skills,cheap jordans, Que Shibi it more!’
ancient demon proudly stand between heaven and earth,cheap jordan shoes, cold eyes looked at the cut space with bursts of sonic boom sound Baoshe from the great fire dish,jordan shoes for sale, hand held high, facing heavy clouds on the sky, and then suddenly a grip.
Zheyi Woxia ancient demon, and that diffuse clouds suddenly paused, and soon the clouds in a horror road quickly split into the eyes,cheap jordans for sale, a huge foot baizhang, whole body

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